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Family Literacy Day filled with fun activities and free books

by Deanna Mitchener parents can tract the number of books that are being they go to kindergarten.
read before their child goes off to kindergarten. "If 250 books have been read and logged in they
Family Literacy Day was celebrated at the Edson 1000 books can be read by the parent, a receive a surprise at the Library; for 500 books read
Public Library on January 27 from 11 a.m. until 2 grandparent, aunt or uncle, or even during story the Family Centre has a prize; 750 books Brighter
p.m. with local groups coming together to share in time at Nursery School. It can also be the same Futures has a prize; and at 1000 books the Early
the celebrations. book over and over again. The idea is for parents to Childhood Matters Coalition will have a prize to
Family Literacy Day is a Multi-Agency event in expose their children to lots of books by the time give away," said Josephine.
cooperation with the Edson and District
Community Learning Society. To help celebrate
both Family Literacy Day and the Library's 74th
Birthday there was free activities, snacks, crafts,
cake, and a free book for every child.
Leora Birkett with the Edson Public Library said,
"We will be letting each child take a free book
home in recognition of Family Literacy. The
Library and Family Literacy have teamed up today
and will be giving away close to 150 to 200 free
Sarah McDonald the FCSS ParentLink
Coordinator, said, "Our table is building
snowflakes for Family Literacy Day, a craft that
can go with many different winter themes and
books. The Library has lots of other crafts, games,
and stories going on and we are really excited to be
part of it."
During the celebration puppet shows were being Sarah McDonald the FCSS ParentLink Coordinator at one of the many tables set up with Family
showcased. The shows included: The Three Little Literacy Day activities at the Edson library on January 27. photo Deanna Mitchener
Pigs, The Little Red Hen, and Three Billy Goats
Gruff. Narrator of the stories was Atina Luymes
(Library Page) and the Yellowhead 4H District club
students helped out as the puppeteers.
Michelle Roy, Leader for the 4H group, said, "We Jim Eglinski
are a part of the Yellowhead 4H District and the
kids are here at the library today to help promote
literacy. It is a part of their community service MP Yellowhead
project that they need to do every year. Each 4H
student needs to put in four hours of volunteer
community service time. Today I have 12 of them
here helping out with puppet shows, reading, and
doing crafts with the youngsters. The kids really
seem to enjoy coming here and it is a good way of
giving back to the community."
Josephine Bunz-Clark, Family Literacy
Coordinator, said, "Family Literacy Day is going
well. As a part of Family Literacy I would like to Leora Birkett with the Edson Public Library standing with a group browsing through the free books
encourage parents to take up the challenge of 1000 that were being given away throughout the day for Family Literacy Day. photo Deanna Mitchener
books before kindergarten. Basically it is a website
that parents can go on and it is a self
guided program that parents can do."
There are log sheets that can be printed off or
there's an app for iPhone and Android where

Everyone enjoyed the puppet shows during the annual Family Literacy Day celebration at the Edson
Public Library. Narrator of the stories was Atina Luymes (Library Page) and puppeteers were played
by Yellowhead 4H District students Shadon Johnston (14) Shanyce Fawcett (15) and Madison
Elzinga (14). photo Deanna Mitchener

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