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Winter Whiteouts...

This season it seems winter if the road is icy or snow Views & News
by Deanna Mitchener
keeps taking little breaks, From the covered. Motorists have a
then coming back with a Publisher’s Desk legal obligation to drive
vengeance once our guard is Dana McArthur according to road conditions.
down. But this is the Great You can be charged with a
White North after all and we traffic offence by police if
really should respect that the weather changes you are found not to be doing so.
fast here —really fast. Stay back from snowplows. They will let
Last week's storm on January 25 took many you pass every five to eight kilometres or
by surprise, and even I found myself in the when it is safe to do so.
midst of a serious whiteout on Highway 16 Keep your headlights on all the time and
east of Edson. It blew into the area rather don't rely on daytime running lights. Low
quickly that day and by 3 p.m. the roads had beams are more effective than high beams in
gone from not bad, to terrible. fog or heavy snow conditions.
It was one of the worst winter driving When travelling on snowy roads, try driving
conditions I've been caught in. Vehicles, outside of the previous tire tracks to give you
including semi-trucks, seemed bent on passing some extra traction. This also helps when there
and making the whiteout conditions even are shiny ruts in the road.
worse. Fortunately, by the time I reached Signal well in advance of turning to give
Wildwood the whiteout had mostly cleared. other motorists time to anticipate and react to
Unfortunately several accidents were reported. your actions. Avoid sudden moves by
Riding Update: thing to do before heading out in your vehicle anticipating lane changes. Abrupt changes in Letter to the Editor Policy
According to Alberta Transportation the best
direction or slamming on the brakes could
in the winter is to check the weather forecasts cause you to spin out of control. On a wet or
Open Letter: and road reports. Weather warnings can help slick surface, allow yourself at least three The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the
you plan your trip and give you a heads-up of times the normal following distance to stop. editor
any bad weather. Unless travel is absolutely Remember that bridge decks may be slippery
necessary, stay off the roads during major even when other parts of the highway are not, All letters are published at the discretion of
Letter to the Editor:
since they are subject to greater temperature
Misadventures conditions that make driving unsafe, find a fluctuations. the editor-publisher who reserves the right to
If you are caught in a whiteout or other
Know your braking system and how it reacts
safe place to pull well off the road like a gas on ice. Always be gentle with braking pressure edit for clarity, length and libel. Letters
published do not necessarily reflect the
station or driveway, and wait it out. Do not on slick roads. Avoid braking on curves by
stop on the shoulder of the road as you could driving through them at a safe, steady speed. policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All
get rear ended in the poor visibility. Take your foot off the brake if your vehicle letters must bear the name of the writer and
Alberta Transportation offers this advice: begins to skid and steer in the direction you include the
Be patient. Avoid passing, changing lanes, want to go. When the wheels regain their grip,
and crossing traffic. Increase your following brake firmly and smoothly. If you are driving a address and
MLA distance. Don't attempt to pass a vehicle rear-wheel drive, prepare to steer just enough number, which
moving slowly or speed up to get away from a
in the opposite direction in order to prevent a
Eric Rosendahl vehicle that is following too closely. counter skid. will not be
Slow down when conditions aren't ideal. The
And let's remember, in severe driving
posted speed limit is intended for ideal road conditions it's everyone's responsibility to help published.
conditions. Even if road signs say you may insure everyone gets home safe —after all,
drive 110 km/h, that doesn't mean you should isn't that worth a few minutes extra?

Yellowhead MP Eglinski announces great news for Grande Cache
by Adrienne Tait

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to announce the purchase of Grande

In the late 1960s, the Town of Grande Cache Jim Eglinski Cache Coal, by SonicField Global.
The court approved the sale on January 8 and the
was created and envisioned as a model mining closing transaction is scheduled in May of this year.
town as people moved in to work at the Grande MP Yellowhead There will be an Open House tomorrow at the
Cache Coal Mine. local Metis Hall and company officials will be there.
But on Christmas Eve of 2015, the mine was professionals. Mr. Speaker, to the residents and businesses of
closed, putting the last of its 650 miners out of Mr. Speaker, Grande Cache is turning a new Grande Cache, this is great news. For the
work. Since then, the community has struggled page! Yellowhead riding, coal mining is still a viable
with the loss of businesses, residents and medical economic driver for the region.

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Apologies on my behalf to the Edson Cycling Association for a
misqoute of projected full cost build of the new Bike Park that is
going in out at Willmore. In the last issue my article incorrectly said
$350,000 when actually it is a $624,000 projected cost for the full
build. Please accept my apologies and I take full blame, not the
Weekly Anchor. Deanna Mitchener
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