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County fire truck hit by overturned vehicle during winter storm

by Dana McArthur statement. conditions can lead to vehicle and property JERRY FORD 2018
At the first sign of road conditions that may damage, and injury or fatality to first-responders,
Yellowhead County's emergency services were affect normal driving, drivers are reminded to slow and all others on the road," stated the County.
kept busy on January 25 as accumulating snowfall down and drive cautiously. When there is an Posted speed limits are intended for ideal road
caused slippery roads, poor visibility, and whiteout accident and first-responders and other emergency conditions. "Motorists have a legal obligation to January 8 & 22
conditions on sections of the Yellowhead Highway crews are on scene, it is even more critical that drive according to road conditions. You can be
just east of Edson. drivers drastically reduce speed if needed and charged with a traffic offence by police if you are
Local RCMP sent a warning out by that afternoon follow the directions of first-responders and road found not to be doing so," according to Alberta
that Hwy 16 was experiencing very poor driving crews. Transportation. February 5, 19
conditions and were asking the public to avoid "Not driving according to changing road -with files Yellowhead County
driving if possible.
Several accidents had been reported East of Youth Music Club and Game Nights begin at Tipple Museum
Edson on Hwy 16. Snow and ice were making it March 5, 19
dangerous both West and East of Edson along by Melissa Killick every first and last Thursday of each month. Games
BILL MITCHELL Highway 16, and other area roads. The eastbound What defines a community? Merriam-Webster's include Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Checkers,
Chess, Trouble, Scrabble, Nintendo Wii, Game
NEW TRUCK SALES highway was closed for approximately two hours, dictionary defines it as “people with common Cube and others. There is a $2.00 cost per youth.
NORTH between range road 164 and range road 162, due to interests living in a particular area”. As a April 2, 16, 30
a number of collisions as traffic was diverted. The funds will go back into the program to buy
At approximately 3:00 pm that day, Yellowhead community we should always make sure we have food and new games. There is no need to register.
County Emergency Services responded to calls of activities and social events for all ages and All walk-ins from grades 7-12 are welcome.
Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd. categories.
In the near future Tipple Park Museum will also
26124 TWP Road 531A several vehicles that had lost control approximately This year Tipple Park Museum is proud to offer a be hosting a Youth Art Club which will consist of May 14, 28
Acheson, AB T7X 5A1 five kilometres east of Edson due to the extreme Music Club and Game Night for our local youth Jr. High and Sr. High artists joining together with
weather conditions. Yellowhead County firefighters and other grades 7-12. professional artists to teach. Stay tuned for more
Our Evansburg and Area Music Club launches emergency responders were on the highway February 16 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm and will information. June 11, 25
assisting with numerous vehicle incidents caused A huge thank you to everyone who supports our
by the dangerous road conditions. Responders continue every last Friday of each month. We will continually growing Museum. We are always
became aware of an out-of-control vehicle which be bringing in a professional classic guitar player thankful for community support and engagement.
Toll Free 1-800-252-7500
Phone: 780-702-4185 Cell: 780-984-2224 struck a semi-truck, flipped onto its side, and that will assist the youth in various musical We are looking forward to the youth programs
continued to travel overturned at full highway exercises and theory. starting up and seeing how they take off and grow. July 9, 23
speed before hitting the rear of one of the County The goal of this program is to engage youth in
Summers Drilling
Summers Drilling fire trucks. their musical talent and eventually form a
community band. There is no cost to join, but
A quick thinking Yellowhead County firefighter
Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling managed to reduce the impact of the collision by fundraising will most likely take place in the future. August 6, 20
We ask everyone to bring their own musical
accelerating the fire tanker. Although the vehicle
that hit the semi and fire truck was severely instrument, pen, notepad, and talent! If you're new
damaged and its driver was injured, the training of to guitar and would like to learn, feel free to join
A pr the Yellowhead County firefighter and her quick and learn from our music community. To register September 3, 17
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, oud Alberta business, since 1917,
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
Summers Drilling specializes in water well reaction likely prevented a loss of life in this please phone or email Tipple Park Museum, 780-
727-2240 or
drilling and water well r incident. Pop in! Play games! Eat some snacks! Youth
drilling and water well repairs. epairs.
" Experience, knowledge of the area, and urgency
are no excuse for not driving to winter conditions Game Night will also be taking place, starting October 1, 15, 29
on Alberta roads and highways," County said in a March 1st from 6 pm to 8 pm and will continue
J November 12, 26

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