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Lumber trade

holding steady

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that will make five and merchantable pine is with the Species at Risk
six story mid-rise dead, and 18 mills have Act,” said Mayor Greg
continued from front r e s i d e n t i a l w o o d closed. P a s y c h n y w h o
construction an accepted As such Mulligan said acknowledged the
practice across the the AFPA is concerned efforts and frustration of
continued from front country. a b o u t t h e J a s p e r the situation and said,
On the provincial scale National Park. “We can't even protect
the forestry industry has Another challenge the the herds in our National
c o n t r i b u t e d industry foresees is with Park with no industry.”
approximately $2 billion the new governments. Councillor Brian
in capital investment “Our new provincial and Boyce asked about the
between 2011 and 2015 federal governments are softwood lumber trade
and in considered relatively urban with agreement with the
responsible for the cabinets that don't really United States which
e m p l o y m e n t o f u n d e r s t a n d o u r expired in October. The
approximately 45,000 industry.” industry is working to
Revenue Sharing 'cheque in the mail' people-15,000 directly A g o v e r n m e n t come to a new agreement
No changes to the funding formula, dates, or assessment base and 30,000 indirectly. appointed mediator has but under the old one any
Mulligan spoke to the been assigned the task of penalties from the
pine beetle situation in providing a clear coming year can be
Alberta and said, “We direction for the industry applied retroactively.
have had a reasonable with regards to the Mulligan said, “Under
$8 million grant for water good winter. It is caribou recovery plans. U.S. trade law they have
a lot of options open to
important, the work we
The Little Smokey and A
treatment in town, county have done, to stop has La Peche caribou herds, them…. At this time the
managed to avoid the and the recovery plans U.S. coalition say they
kind of widespread for them in particular, are are not interested in
devastation we see in impacting the industry. s i g n i n g t h e o l d
“We want to recover the
The Weekly Anchor provided regarding the herds but keep jobs in our softwood lumber is
British Columbia.”
Approximately 35% of
The statistics Mulligan
Grande Cache, Edson,
damage caused by the a n d o u r r u r a l sold off-shore with the
JANUARY PRICE BUSTER! beetle in B.C included Mulligan. North America.
remainder staying in
communities,” said
17.5 million hectares of
“It is not easy to work
forest killed, 59% of the
“Do it for our
kids and
grandkids The Weekly Anchor
because if we FEBRUARY
don't the price JANUARY PRICE BUSTER!
is too high...”

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