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clay, lego,
games, books,
birthday cake,
and more were
enjoyed by the
Edson and area
residents who
attended the
library's annual
birthday party.

photo Adrienne Tait

Edson and District Public Library

birthday celebration

by Adrienne Tait of sandwiches and of course, birthday cake.”
The partnership with Edson Family Literacy goes
Approximately 200 people attended the Edson and beyond the library birthday party. Josephine Bunz-
District Public Library's 72 birthday party. Clark, Edson Family Literacy representative, said
The annual celebration has been hosted for “Having the Family Literacy Day event at the
approximately 20 years. In previous years the library Library has grown out of our partnership. The
celebrated with a chili night but this year moved the library provides space for us to deliver Family
event to Saturday in order to accommodate more Literacy programs, which in turn provides additional
families. programming for the library. The library staff refer
Attendees were encouraged to take part in several families to our programs and our programs introduce
craft activities that were set up at stations around the new families to the library. We have a great
library. Each activity was hosted by agencies that partnership where we promote each other's
partner with the library such as Fun on Fridays and organizations and share common goals.”
Edson Family Literacy. The move to Saturday has proved to be a welcomed
Melissa Gagne, program coordinator and library change. Bunz-Clark said the event run smoothly and
technician, said, “We have been hosting our birthday while there is no need for significant change more
party for about 20 years, but only in the last 10 have we collaboration within the community may be one
partnered with Edson Family Literacy to make the option. “If anything, we would welcome involvement
event bigger and better. We used to host a chili night, from other agencies and businesses either by attending
but have moved the event to Saturday to accommodate the event or through sponsorship, as promoting
more families. We now offer a light lunch, consisting literacy is important for all sectors of the community
and developing lifelong learning begins in infancy, in
the home,” said Bunz-Clark.
“This event is a great way for us to interact with the
community we serve. We get to meet new families,
who are perhaps stopping by the library for the first
time, as well as chat with regular patrons. It is a
wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the
programs and resources we have to offer, as well as ask
the community what they would like to see in future
programming and resources. Our goal is to
continuously change in effort to keep up with the
evolving needs of our community,” said Gagne.
Many volunteers from the various groups as well as
community members worked together to make the
event happen Gagne said, “We are very grateful for the
volunteers who helped make the day a success.”
Bunz-Clark agreed that the success of the event was
due in large part to the volunteers but also appreciated
the atmosphere, “This year, all the activities were
centralized in the library which made it feel cozier and
more relaxed.”

Manitoba may have Merv, but Central Alberta has
Wildwood Wally. This weather predicting puppet
has been around for a number of years and even
had to be rebuilt in 2001 because the wear and
tear was getting to him. The Wildwood School
children this year had made their prediction of
whether he would see his shadow or not and
waited for the morning of February 2nd to see
what would happen. At 10 a.m. the Wally’s theme
song called the students to the playground where
they gathered to see what the sun would do. As The Fulham Community Center would like to
they crowded around, the cover was lifted, and give thanks to Yellowhead Vacuum Trucks and
the rodent gave his verdict to his interpreter who Alternate Choice Water Hauling for supplying
then passed it on to the grade 6 announcer. The the water and trucking which made the annual
word was out. The sun had broken through the flooding of our community rink possible for the
clouds just enough and the shadow was just second consecutive year.
enough to scare the little fellow. Some children
cheered and others hissed. More winter was the Thank you for your continued support!!
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