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rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene
The Scene
A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene

Upcoming Events Best turnout for Armchair Traveler series
Upcoming Events

by Deanna Mitchener Some of the highest have been holding them
mountains are found in now for the past three
February 5 Dave Hobson shared this area. Visiting Tiger years, usually we get
Jamboree at the some beautiful slides Park in India was between 10 and 12
Pioneer Cabin starting a n d s o m e o f h i s another big highlight for p e o p l e a t t e n d i n g .
at 7 pm. experiences while me where I got to see Tonight we have had to
traveling through Asia tigers. That's more what set out plenty more
February 6 and Northern India as this slide presentation is chairs to accommodate
Annual Valentine's part of the Edson and about." everyone. We have 10
February 17 Day Supper and District Public Library's Barbara Prescott, members on the Library
Dance will be held at Armchair Traveler o rg a n i z e r f o r t h e Board and we are always
Your donations of art, décor, jewelry are requested for the Arty Gras rummage sale. Funds raised will the Pinedale Hall at 7 series. Armchair Traveler looking for new ideas for
support the youth-centered festival, Arts Alive Edson. Drop items off at the Edson Public Library until pm. Live music by Dave said, "I took the series, said, "We do three things to do."
Feb. 17. Call 780- 517-1035 for more info. Crossfire. Doors open trip as part of a longer presentations over the With over 60 attending
at 6 pm, dance starts at trip back as I was in Asia winter, one in January, guests on January 27 it
9 pm. For tickets call for about three months. one in February, and the was a full room. Dave
February 18 Linda at 780-723- Dave Hobson shared his experience from The highlights for me third one in March. This was a little nervous to
2571, Trudy at 780- would have to be the has been the largest start with but was soon
General meeting at the Pioneer Cabin starting at 2 pm. 723-1463, or stop by Northern India during the Armchair Traveler hiking through the turnout to date for sharing his experiences
to see Leona at In series at the Edson Public Library on January 27. Himalayas, a range that having people come out and answering many
photo by Deanna Mitchener
Your Drawers. spans ten states of India. to the presentations. We questions along way.
February 27
February 7
Mooseheart Loppet cross country ski race Hornbeck Ski Trails. Register 9-11 am, Mass start at 11 Explore Wilmore Park Standing ovation for
a.m. Call Ralph at 723-5145. with snowshoes 2 pm Singer, songwriter,
to 3:30 pm. Meet at cellist at Chautauqua and cellist Ben Sollee
the Roundabout. Pre- along with Jordan
February 27 register at Community Ellis received a
standing ovation
Services or online by Adrienne Tait write a song for the film
Crib tournament at the Pioneer Cabin starting at 1 pm. Crib every Monday starting at 7 pm. . Killing Season a movie f o l l o w i n g t h e i r
Saturday evening
Ben Sollee, a singing Sollee described as performance at the
February 8 cellist form Kentucky, “somewhat gory.” The Red Brick Theatre on
March 12 The Red Brick Arts took to the Hatlen movie starred John January 30.
Centre and Museum Theatre stage at the Red Travolta and Robert De
Essence Parent Society's St. Patrick Dinne/Dance at the Pinegrove Hall in Edson from 6 PM – 2 AM. will be hosting a Brick on Saturday Niro. Solle said the
Dinner, dance, silent auction, taxi service and much more. For tickets or to donate call (780)-728-6340 Community Building January 30 for the director was searching
or see any Society member. Block Art Exhibit at second performance of for a unique sound that
the Red Brick Centre the Chatauqua season. was both haunting and YOUR
Monday to Friday Sollee's humorous suited the mountain
from 9 am – 4:30 pm. narrative provided a setting. With that
Extended hours on background for his songs direction in mind the COMMUNITY
Saturday February 20 as well as entertainment songwriter composed
from 1 pm – 4 pm. for the audience as he “Letting Go.” SPECIALISTS!
Refreshments and moved from one musical P r i o r t o t h e
snacks will be served g e n r e t o a n o t h e r C h a u t a u q u a
on Feb 20. accompanied by friend performance Sollee
The Weekly Anchoreekly Anchor
and fellow musician facilitated a workshop at The W
February 14 J o r d a n E l l i s o n Vanier. During the
Valentines Brunch at percussion. afternoon concert he Come to us to help
the Pioneer Cabin The music blended challenged students and
from 11 am – 2 pm. blue grass, folk, rhythm staff to find a genre of publicize your event and get!
and blues, and even a music that was unable to
February 14-20 touch of Bach and be played on the cello,
Brahms. the result was Sollee 1. Print media with over 5898 circulation!
Random Acts of As a composer Sollee playing everything from Print puts your event directly into the hands of potential attendees and volunteers like nothing else can!
Kindness Week - Take has found success both country to hard rock to 2. Editorial pre and post support for your event!
time this week to do a on screen and in theatre reggae successfully. Editorial support draws people into your event’s story and the people involved that make it happen!
Random Act of h a v i n g h i s s o n g s T h e o p e n i n g 3. Full colour posters to place around town!
Kindness for yourself, featured on television performance for the Posters help get the word out in a bright and attractive manner!
someone you know or s h o w s s u c h a s evening was Edmonton FONT MISSING
someone you don't Parenthood and Weeds based musician Mohsin 4. Facebook boosted on our popular page!
know. Share you acts and he provided the Z a m a n . Z a m a n Proper utilization of social media is an important factor in spreading the word of your event!
of kindness s c o r e f o r t h e performed his renditions 5. Support on our Website! As little
of Springsteen's I'm on
d o c u m e n t a r y f i l m
@edsonbullyfree Maidentrip. Fire along with original 24/7 anywhere, anytime access to your event’s details is important to event success! $179
#edsonbullyfree In 2013 Sollee was compositions. 6. Use our office as a ticket sales outlet!
approached and asked to We’ll have all your details and information available for ticket buyers and an experienced staff!
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February 15

Edson & District call Sue Ann at 780-723-5787 for details
Caregivers Family email
Extravaganza, 1 to 4
pm, Edson Legion. YOUR
See Classified Page for
monthly meetings SPECIALISTS!
and activities
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