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Kinsmen seek financial aid from town

by Adrienne Tait $30,000. The slo-pitch tournament which has
typically generated a healthy $100,000 profit only
Edson Kinsmen Club representatives Don Biggar, brought in $70,000 last year.
Darrin Martel, and Craig Daniel approached Edson Other drains on the organizations bank balance
town council on February 3 seeking assistance. include an unexpected sewer line break and
The club has seen a decrease in the number of maintaining the operation of the Kinsman hall. The
teams registered for its annual slo-pitch tournament hall is often lent out to non-profit groups for either
over the past couple of years as well as hosted a no charge or a nominal fee. The cost to maintain the
couple of unsuccessful fundraising events which has hall is between $10,000 and $12,000 per year.
resulted in less revenue being generated. While the club has made this year's loan payment
Biggar told council the comedy nights hosted by for the Spray Park, in doing so it has put them over
the group actually cost the club approximately their overdraft. The club approached the town
requesting a donation in order to help get them back
into their overdraft.
Biggar and Daniel said the Kinsmen are a
community driven group who have a number of
things they wish to accomplish. “We admit we bit
off a little more than we could chew. We didn't get
the donations from the oil sector or the county we
had thought and we can't get those donations now
that it is built,” said Daniel.
There is approximately $200,000 remaining on the
loan, for which the town co-signed, for the Spray
Park. The fundraising efforts of the Kinsman have
paid for over $1 million of the $1.3 million project.
Councillor Gean Chouinard asked if the group had
any numbers of usage by county residents as well as
whether or not the group was considering
approaching the county. The Kinsmen Don Biggar of the Edson Kinsmen Club was one
representatives said they believe there is an even of the local Kinsmen who came before town
split between county and town residents who use the council to request funds in order to help the club's
park. That figure being partially based on the struggling finances. Photo Adrienne Tait
number of students who attend Edson schools but
live within the county limits.
Councillor Boyce asked if the club had looked at B
rescheduling their payments and was told that is Last of the
being considered as an option. 2
Town CAO Mike Derricott said that providing BUICKUICK B BUICKUICK
funds to the club would typically be considered a BRAND NEW 2014 ENCLAVE2014 ENCLAVE LAST ONE!
grant and is, “No different than what has been done WELL EQUIPPED,
for other organizations.” WAS 47,805 LOADED CLOTH, AWD,
The matter will be brought forth at a later date for NOW 38,999 BUMPER TO BUMPER,
a council decision.

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