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The Wellness Project: an outdoor

prescription to better community health

The grass really agreed to offer
will be greener, Wellness Project
e s p e c i a l l y t h e leaves – where the
grounds around the public could donate
new Healthcare $2 or more and
C e n t r e a s t h e receive a leaf to
Wellness Project enter their name and
kicks into gear. have it put up in the
The Rotary Club window – for the
o f E d s o n i s month of January.
spearheading the M a n y l o c a l
fundraising for the businesses will also
Wellness Project – h a v e b r i g h t l y
raising money to coloured donation
e n h a n c e t h e cans at the front of
grounds around the their stores where
n e w E d s o n people can donate
Healthcare Centre loose change.
to create useful, “This project was
t h e r a p e u t i c a n d Courtyard to help Project, because it areas, the addition of accessibility, sensory, generated locally and
inviting spaces for provide longer term f o c u s e s o n t h e handrails, accessible t h e r a p e u t i c , will benefit the sick,
those who are ailing c l i e n t s w i t h a n wellbeing of the and inviting pathways restorative, social and their families and
and in most need of atmosphere that will patients,” said Shari and the incorporation rehabilitation needs of friends and healthcare
comfort. feel more like home, McDowell, the Club's o f u s e f u l patients and residents. workers as well,” said
The Rotary Club are but will also be useful p r e s i d e n t . physiotherapy areas.” The Rotary Club of Neil Reiger, Rotary
concentrating their a n d t h e r a p e u t i c . “The plans include S p e n d i n g t i m e Edson is partnering C l u b o f E d s o n ' s
efforts initially on the “We are calling the improved seating outdoors, especially in with Alberta Health Fundraising Chairman.
C o n t i n u i n g C a r e initiative the Wellness a garden setting, has and the Community “It's great to see
b e e n s h o w n t o Care Foundation to community-minded
Bailey murder person's physical, reality – and we are involved to help make
positively affect a
b u s i n e s s e s g e t
make this project a
also kick starting the
the Wellness Project
mental, social and
project with an initial
overall well-being. The
trial held over d e s i g n o f t h e donation of $100,000. information about the
m o r e
F o r
To start the Wellness
C o n t i n u i n g C a r e
Courtyard is focused
Project, Edson Sobey's
Wellness Project visit
by Adrienne Tait that charge, along with contact order will not be on the healing elements and Your Independent
of nature, as well as
Grocer Edson have
the murder charges, released due to a court
The courthouse was was held over until ordered publication
once again standing January 19. ban.
room only with people Another individual Bailey is currently
lined up down the hall was added to the no being held in the THIS WEEK’S FEATURE
and others sitting in the contact order. The Edmonton Remand
waiting room as friends n a m e s o f t h e Center. Mint Homes Ltd.
and family of Dan individuals on the no
M i l l e r, R o x a n n e
B e r u b e , a n d h e r
daughter Jasmine Meet Kalua.
waited several hours for This very
Mickell Clayton Bailey loving girl is
to appear before the great with
court. adults, kids
Bailey, who has been and other dogs
charged with two when
counts of first degree introduced
murder and one count properly.
of second degree She loves
murder, appeared via acreage life 1920 Sq. Ft. all on one floor at ground level. Perfect plan for a large corner lot or
c l o s e d c i r c u i t and has good on an acreage. From the large from entry you pass by 2 French sliding doors that
television. It was the recall. lead into the ding room. Onto the "U" shape kitchen with has a working island and
first time Bailey a walk-in pantry. The great room has large windows & two doors leading to the
appeared before the If you’re deck in the rear and the side yard. This room is also vaulted. The laundry room is
conveniently located in the center of the house across from a bedroom and a 3-
court as he was still in looking for a piece bath. Another bedroom is next to the master bedroom. The master features
Alberta Hospital for the great addition a walk-in closet and a 4-piece ensuite including a spa tube. A 2-piece bath is
initial court date. to your family located next to the house to garage entry. The garage is a large single car with
Bailey had been shot call us about panty of extra space with a 12 foot wide door. This plan is on a 4 foot crawl space.
b y p o l i c e w h e n this very affectionate girl. The access to this area is in the laundry room. Lots of appeal from the inside to
attempts to arrest him the outside. Plan 2011586
p e a c e f u l l y w e r e Visit Member of National Home Warranty Program
unsuccessful. Sponsored by: for more information.
No plea was entered. CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS Phone: 780-723-2330
Bailey was scheduled to Satellite TV sales, installs, service Fax: 780-723-5068
appear before the court John’s cell 780-723-0147
on a fraud charge but Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm Email:
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