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Lower commodity PAGE 6 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2016
prices and tighter
margins expected T he Weekly ANCHOR
for local farmers
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Letter to the Editor: Communication is the key… by GEORGE VANDERBURG
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
Remembering heroes Open and and it certainly does ViewPoint
Unpaid leave to transparent not lead to a more by Adrienne Tait Rob Merrifield
care for seriously communications From the informed public. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
ill relative between the public, Publisher’s Desk One of the goals of

local government, Dana McArthur Community Services
Jim Eglinski and the media are input, but without an informed public it Alberta organ and tissue
is to seek public
always in the best interest of the
MP Yellowhead Longtime Edson resident and newspaper-man passes community as a whole. ultimately becomes a counterproductive donation –registry agent launch
When efforts towards this goal come to effort.
a standstill, whether consciously or Every community group wants to
unaware, it begins a spiral that inevitably engage volunteers, engage the public. Rob
leads to a breakdown of trust that can And the essence of engaging is
Building Canada Plan divide groups that should have the same communicating. Merrifield

goal –a better, stronger community. With the Town Council, through the Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
With the recent dissolution of the newly formed Committee of the Whole,
Edson and District Community Services now becoming the directing body this West Yellowhead MLA Robin Campbell
Board one of the concerns raised at becomes a far more open and transparent
council was a communication format for something so key as
breakdown with town administration, community services. Rob
Tip with all parties agreeing the board was On one hand, we need to recognize and

of not working. appreciate the dedication and efforts of Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
While credit and thanks must rightfully
the board, that certainly had the best
the Hat go to the dedicated volunteers of the interest of the community at heart.
board, from a media perspective, we
However, in regard to the process the
Rob heard very little direct news over the town has begun to open up and refresh the NDP invoking closure on Man in the
Merrifield years on the activities of this public its operations, we once again applaud debate for Bill 6 despite Red Hat

Member of Parliament for Yellowhead Letter to the Editor service board. these changes leading to a more Wildrose MLAs tabling a by Craig McArthur
That's not good from a news standpoint
transparent and available flow of
petition signed by over
information to the public. 30,000 Albertans who are
against the bill.
What can we expect to encounter through 2016? Letter to the Editor

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, But let's look ahead to the future and try to be
progress means doing an about-turn and walking back Conservative positive. What can we expect to encounter as we Independent seniors’ advocate needed
to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back travel the Alberta turnpike through 2016? Naturally
soonest is the most progressive. –C. S. Lewis iews we will be hearing more about our new adventure of
The Roman god Janus was usually portrayed with fixing the planet's climate. Certainly all Albertan's to fix long-term care: Eggen
Letter to the Editor Policy Guest Column by Clyde Corser will “pay just a little bit more” for everything with a
The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor. two faces – one looking back into the past; the other carbon component, which is to say … everything.
All letters are published at the discretion of the editor- forward towards the future. Thus, January is a time to The Weekly Anchor
publisher who reserves the right to edit for clarity, length ponder transitions, progress, looking back from where be reinstated. The only happy face in this picture of Eventually we will have to decide if we are getting Member of the
and libel. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the we came and ahead to where we hope to go, and most gloom seems to be that of our premier who always has our money's worth or if the tolls are too high and the Edson & District Chamber &
policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All letters must bear the importantly, whether or not we are on the right road to a cheerful smile for the cameras while announcing tax road too rutted, potholed and slippery to be worth Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber
name of the writer and include the address and telephone Views & News get there. increases, pipeline cancellations, massive deficit travelling. My column next week will be the first of
number, which will not be published. budgets, applying the thumbscrews of government probably several on this timely, vast and important
by Deanna Mitchener 2015 was a rough year for conservatives. In May
angry and frustrated Albertans had a collective brain regulation to minimum wages and family farms, and subject. Since minimum wage hikes and workplace
fart and opted for radical surgery to cut off Alberta's after her exciting junket to Paris with the regulation appear to be high on the leftist agenda, I
aging PC nose to spite our traditionally conservative aforementioned pleasant youth, a whole new round of expect to devote some time to each of these topics.
face. If our political past is truly prelude to the future, carbon taxes, development caps and “clean” energy Ultimately the subjects I choose will be shaped by
then the PC's are more passenger pigeon than phoenix, subsidies to save the planet from Alberta's “dirty” oil evolving events and headlines and by the feedback I
and will not arise out of their own ashes. and turn our anti-oilsands foes into bitumen- and get from my readers. I will continue to study the
Eight months later with 100,000 jobs lost, oil pipeline-friendly drinking buddies. It has a nice sound history and development of conservative thought and
companies taking their investment dollars elsewhere, to it. I hope it turns our economy around. But I, for to share with you the things I learn. And of course,
and the legitimate concerns of small businesses – one, choose not to celebrate quite so prematurely. now that liberalism dominates our political Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
notably farmers and those employing low-skilled labor, Although I expect that I, together with all of my landscape I will look for opportunities to compare
ignored or belittled, I sense we are belatedly regretting fellow Albertans, will be cleaning up the saloon and and contrast the effects of left leaning policies with by GEORGE VANDERBURG
our impulsive nose-job. Too bad the electoral clinic of paying her bar bill long after the Paris inspired bash is conservative alternatives. It promises to be an MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
surgeons is not booking reconstructive surgery until over. I think there is a better road for us to take during interesting journey and I look forward to your
Conservative 2019. these tough economic times; a road paved with the old- company on the road! Happy New Year 2016!
iews Harper hatred, Canadians tossed out a battle tested, conservative fiscal restraint rather than the shifting column or other conservative topics at:
I invite you to email me your thoughts on this
fashioned economic asphalt of appropriate
In October, goaded by a media fuelled frenzy of
sand of undisciplined socialist spending.
internationally respected Prime Minister and elected in
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
his place a pleasant youth with nice hair. Finally, and
quite predictably Newfoundland and Labrador voted
Liberal. Canada now stands, for the first time in over The Weekly Anchor 5,868 Audited Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Canadian
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2015 was a rough year for the economy too. Alberta's Dana McArthur
twin life bloods of oil and natural gas plunged to price
levels not seen since the depth of the “Great
Recession” or longer; coal to its lowest price in a half-
century. Most of Alberta's agricultural commodities
are down as well and Canada's softwood lumber Craig & Elaine McArthur Sonia Roy Sue Ann Common Cindy Weisser Thomas Baxter Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
in Memory
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