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Rural policing and challenges discussed at County Council

by Dana McArthur

During the January 9 Yellowhead County
Council meeting Hinton RCMP Staff Sergeant
Chris Murphy of the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police gave an update to council on rural policing.
The Sergeant's briefing took place in council
chambers after an in-camera session was held with
RCMP representatives in relation to a confidential
matter. The closed meeting was held in accordance
with the Municipal Government Act, and Privacy
Act (20).
Council then received a presentation from Staff
Sergeant Murphy, who reviewed crime trends, and
RCMP priorities and objectives,"Break and enters
in rural locations have been an issue and we've had
some success in dealing with that by increasing
visibility and getting out into the rural areas."
"Property crimes continue to be a concern with
town and rural residents," Sergeant Murphy noted,
and that the RCMP is increasingly dealing with
citizens having mental health and addiction issues.
"We try to get to the underlying causes of why that
person is repeatedly committing crimes."
"A lot of the people we deal with are repeat,
habitual offenders. We are utilizing the Habitual
Offender Management program. Basically it states
a small amount of people cause us the most amount
of work," explained the Sergeant.
"We work as a team to identify these individuals Hinton RCMP Staff Sergeant Chris Murphy of the RCMP gave an update to Yellowhead County
and work with other agencies to provide that person Council on rural policing, on Jan. 9. photo Dana McArthur
with as many supports as possible to keep them
from reoffending," said Murphy. powerful and relatively new. We do not know the seniors."
"For those who choose to continue to offend we vast number of negative affects these can have," Councillor Sandra Cherniawsky asked, "With
can show the Courts that we have brought in all stated Murphy. "These are very time consuming marijuana legalization, how is that going to affect
these resources:probation, addiction, mental health and complicated investigations when we start your numbers and patrolling?" Murphy responded,
—to try to assist this person. Hopefully when the adding mental health and addictions to the "There's a lot happening at a higher level, but we
judge considers this, a sentence will be handed equation." are receiving some information. The focus now is
down accordingly," said the Staff Sergeant. Councillor Shawn Berry asked, "In regard to the on training of members. We need "X" number of
"Addictions are playing a factor with repeat mental health issues you mentioned, do you see this offices trained by a certain date, and I am not sure
offenders, in order to further their addiction. It as age related?" Staff Sergeant Murphy replied, "It's we will make it. But we do recognize that we need
poses a challenge because we are dealing with right across the whole board from youth to to be prepared as July is coming very quickly.”
people under the influence of chemicals that are

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