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Yellowhead County Council Highlights: Jan 9

Public Hearing: A Public Hearing was held Bylaw 02.18. Changes to the MGA states that residential assessment modifiers issued by the
for Bylaw 17.17 that would rezone a property a municipality must establish a council code of provincial government are resulting in
from Rural District (RD) to Country conduct bylaw that governs the conduct of significant losses of assessment income to
Residential District (CR). The rezoning is municipal councillors. The code of conduct Yellowhead County. These losses have a
required before the property can be subdivided covers such topics as conflicts of interest, detrimental impact to services and projects
into five CR parcels. No concerns from the dealing with confidential information, and that impact both local industry and residents,
public were brought forward. The bylaw will other terms that council members must but also neighbouring municipalities and
be brought back for additional readings at a conduct themselves under. The bylaw must organizations who stand to lose funding
future council meeting. also, as required by the province, have a through local revenue sharing initiatives
Council Code of Conduct: Council gave formal complaint system and process in place. offered by Yellowhead County. Council
third reading to the Council Code of Conduct, Assessment Modifier Impact: Non- endorsed a letter to the Minister of Municipal
Affairs voicing these concerns.
72 Hour Emergency Preparedness the purchase of a new water tanker to replace
YCFD Water Tanker: Council approved

Kits available at County its aging, 26 year-old tanker, at a cost of
$712,617.00. This new tanker will be built by
Rosenbauer/Rocky Mountain Phoenix, and
Kits that can help you or your family better days' worth for 2 or 4 people), first aid kit, will provide protection to the whole of the
cope with an emergency situation for up to 72 water purification tablets, 10 liter water county. This new tanker will have a 1,500
hours are now available for sale at Yellowhead container, flashlight with AM/FM radio (solar gallon per minute rear mounted pump, front
County's Wildwood Office. powered or hand crank), ponchos, reflective bumper mounted attack lines, a remote
Are you and your family prepared for an vests, Mylar sleeping bags, 40 hour candle, controlled monitor system and foam system,
emergency? How about one that may last more multi-function tool, waterproof matches and and will hold 3,600 gallons of water.
than a day and require you to evacuate—or much more.
stay at home without power or water? A limited number of kits are being sold and
Yellowhead County residents are are available for pick up at the Yellowhead BILL MITCHELL
encouraged to have emergency kits in place County Wildwood Office. Kit prices are as NEW TRUCK SALES
that would allow their households to manage follows: $160.00 for a 2 person kit, or $185 for NORTH
for up to 72 hours without aid. Many lists are a 4 person kit. You can stop in at the office in
available online detailing the best items to Wildwood to purchase a kit, or arrange to pick Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
have in a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit, one up from the County office in Edson. 26124 TWP Road 531A
but the county also has kits for purchase For more information, details on specific
(designed for 2 or 4 person households). items in the kit, or to pre-purchase one, please Acheson, AB T7X 5A1
These kits contain: Emergency rations (3 call 780-325-3782, or 1-800-814-3935.
Community Engagement Action Toll Free 1-800-252-7500

Phone: 780-702-4185 Cell: 780-984-2224
Team and local youth map out plans

by Deanna Mitchener
The Community Engagement Action Team is a
community-based society which collectively Professional Digital Passport System photos
shares resources to promote a healthy, thriving, ready in minutes while you wait... P INSTALLATIONS P
engaged community for the people of Edson and * Furnaces Replacement
Yellowhead County.
The group does this through various initiatives * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
and educational events that enhance the safety * Residential Heating Packages
and wellbeing within the community. * Electronic Air Cleaners
James Toner, a member of the Community
Engagement Action Team, said, "This group * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
started out quite some time ago in response to * Sheet Metal Work
concerns about bad things that were happening in FREE ESTIMATES
our community, specifically with young people.
We wanted to come together as a community to
come up with ideas about what we can do to Email:
make our community a safer, healthier place for
everyone." * Furnaces Replacement 4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553
"We started conducting surveys at the Summer * Furnaces/Air Conditioners Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552
Festival and throughout the schools in town. We * Residential Heating Packages
wanted to get feedback from young people on * Electronic Air Cleaners
what they thought were concerns in our * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers EDSON DRY CLEANERS
community. Then we asked for names of young * Sheet Metal Work
people who were interested in doing more FREE ESTIMATES 780-723-7503
detailed work about coming up with
recommendations about things they could do and 108 50 Street
we could do in the community to work together,
to improve the health and well being of
*Entrance Mat Rentals
everyone," said Toner. *Entrance Mat Rentals
Students came forward wanting to be a part of Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence•
* F/R and Reg. Coverall
this initiative and together they worked on a Permanent Resident•Photos & more * F/R and Reg. Coverall
mapping session. "These students are valued and Sales & Drycleaning
Sales & Drycleaning
appreciated members of our community and we
are truly grateful they put their names forward to DROP IN AND SEE!
help work with us as a team. All their work and
We do alterations
effort has been amazing," said Toner during the 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson We do alterations
and repairs
December 19th meeting that was held at the and repairs
Edson and District Recreation Complex.
Please watch for further articles on what the 780-723-5787
Community Engagement Action Team and the 780-723-7503
youth of the community have been working on The Weekly Anchor
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