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continued from front Water catastrophe results in damaged reservoir
continued from front continued from front
continued from front reservoir was to be inspected later this week Borysko said that the department started looking Councillor Krystal Baier asked what was being
after which a more conclusive cause as well as into shut down valves a few years ago, “The done to mitigate any further risk to which Borysko
continued from front damage repair estimates would be more accurate. biggest issues we are coming across is the space replied increased monitoring.
continued from front The reservoir has been drained to aid in the and design of the valves. We don't have the space Mayor Zahara said he wanted to thank the Town
inspection. in Reservoir #2. Reservoir #1 we do have the employees for working in those temperatures and
continued from front Reservoir #2 is a steel reservoir. Director of space and the override could be automatic or conditions.
continued from front Engineering Dawit Solomon said until the controlled by the operator.” Another update and timeline once the assessment
inspection can confirm the department is working Cost was cited as one reason for not retrofitting has been completed will be provided.
on the assumption that, “During the freezing shut down valves previously.
weather the vents that would normally allow air
when the water goes down froze over. As a result,
with the sudden drastic loss of water there was no
air being replaced and it created a sort of vacuum
Misadventures that forced the roof down.”
Assistant CAO Brigitte Lemieux said the Town's
insurer was contacted and the adjuster has been
out, “There is a chance that this may be covered,
or partially covered, by insurance,” said Lemieux.
A total loss of 500,000 gallons, or 40% of the
Town's storage capability, has been lost. As the
Town works to replace their storage Borysko
advised Town Council that water conservation
measures such as possible restrictions on hydrant
flushing, reduced spray park hours, road washing
services, lawn watering restrictions, etcetera may
be required.
Councillor Trevor Bevan asked if the size of the
vents were adequate for the size of the tank. The
tank was built in 1962 and had been working until
this incident. It was last inspected in 2015.
Councillor Bevan asked if there is any
monitoring system in place to measure the
pressure inside the tank and if there is any
intention to look at internal shut down or isolation
valves on the water lines to prevent the loss of
The town uses the SCADA (Supervisory Control
and Data Acquisition) system to monitor where
possible. Solomon said internal monitoring would
be difficult, but more details would be available Edson’s water reservoir tank #2 suffered a collapsed roof. Upon inspection it appeared to be caused
after the assessment. by a combination of a frozen over vent and negative pressure from the rapid water loss caused by a
burst water main.


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