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Great beginning...

Once in a while we come have the unique ability to Views & News
by Deanna Mitchener
across some news that really From the package and deliver
isn't very 'new' to us. Publisher’s Desk colourful local news stories
That was the case when we Dana McArthur with advertising messages
read the recent federal —bringing our readers and
government committee report "Reaching advertisers together.
Canadians with Effective Government Quotes in the report from industry
Advertising" which looks at the issue of how representatives included, “The Government of
federal government advertising dollars are Canada's advertising policy should reflect
allocated. where Canadians look to find information
The Committee report acknowledged that, about their community, and that newspapers,
"because communications have rapidly both print and digital, play a vital role in
evolved in the past decade, the policy and informing Canadians.”
requirements surrounding government Newspaper readership is now multi-platform,
communications and advertising must be with three in 10 Canadians reading both print
regularly updated." and digital formats. Even 85% of millennials
The Committee agreed that communications are reading newspapers, with phones, of
and advertising activities are complementary. course, being their preferred platform. This is
And noted that the government "should use a why The Weekly Anchor has a truly multi-
mix of both in order to effectively share platform electronic newspaper available free Letter to the Editor Policy
information with Canadians". It observed on our website.
Riding Update: "that there could be some misalignment It's proven that Canadians trust
between the government's digital-first strategy advertisements that appear in print newspapers The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters
Open Letter: and the reality that many Canadians targeted and on news websites. The 2017 Reuters to the editor
Institute Digital News Report noted that eight
by programs and services are best reached
through more traditional media, including out of 10 Canadians still consider traditional
television, radio and Print Media." media and their brands among the most All letters are published at the
This is something The Weekly Anchor, and trustworthy sources. Ads on social media, such discretion of the editor-publisher who
Misadventures the community newspaper industry in general, as Facebook, and in search engines, such as length and libel. Letters published do
reserves the right to edit for clarity,
has been informing our local business
Google, are among the least trusted.
Newspapers can also target businesses
communities of for years. A good
communications campaign uses all the because 92% of business decision-makers read not necessarily reflect the policies or
different forms of media —not just reach newspapers, 71% of them print versions. beliefs of this newspaper. All letters
those who happen to be exposed to social It's good to see government realizing that must bear the name of the writer and
media (or are even regular users). online alone cannot reach the broad audience
Almost nine in 10 Canadians read a they want. include the address and telephone
newspaper every week —and that's up from However, none of this is 'news' to us or our number, which will not be published.
five years ago. Why? Like no other media in 1,000's of readers and advertisers —but it does
MLA this information age, community newspapers make for a great beginning to a new year!

Eric Rosendahl
Letter to the Editor:

I made a mistake: alberta's carbon tax on natural gas is not 75%; it’s 81% Jim Eglinski
My Dear Editor: The government claims that 66% of all of trite suggestion by the premier clearly can’t
ViewPoint “households” will receive a rebate. But in fact, this apply to the vast majority of our citizens. MP Yellowhead

by Adrienne Tait Recently there has been considerable discussion doesn’t mean that “the entire” household gets The result is that for most Albertans, if we want
regarding Alberta’s carbon tax on natural gas, rebated. The government uses the 66% number to stay warm when the cold arrives there is no way
especially concerning the rate of the tax, which even when referring to a member of a household to escape the tax. The tax will therefore bite into
was boosted this month. I recently wrote a letter to rather than the entire household. For example, a the finances of many hundreds of thousands of
the editor indicating that the increased cost would 19-year old living at home might get a tiny rebate, Albertans.
be equal to a 75% sales tax on home heating. while the parents who actually pay the heating The government believes that Albertans paying
Turns out I was wrong. Recently, Sun columnist bills and the mortgage get nothing. a carbon tax is a key part of the process whereby
Lorne Gunter explained how the tax is actually the At an earlier press conference, Premier Notley the earth’s thermostat and global temperatures can
equivalent of an 81% sales tax. The calculation responded directly to questions regarding how be adjusted.
starts with the price of natural gas on January 3, Albertans should cope with the carbon The actual climate benefits from these policies
which was $1.87 per gigajoule. The carbon tax is tax—including higher costs for fuel and will likely be minuscule. Scientist Bjorn Lomborg
slated to be $ 1.51 per gigajoule, which overall gasoline—by saying: “It’s not just a question of points out in a recent peer-reviewed paper that the
equals an additional 81% cost to every Albertan having a more fuel-efficient vehicle, it could entire EU’s commitments to reduce CO2
for this type of home heating. sometimes be a question of taking a bus, walking emissions under the Paris accord up to 2030, if
Regrettably, the tax increase is arriving just as – you know, those kinds of things.” achieved, would prevent just 0.096°F (0.053°C) of
Albertans experienced a brutal cold spell of minus Unfortunately, Alberta is a huge province that global warming by 2100. Alberta’s contribution is
30-degree weather or worse—and who knows covers more than 600,000 square kilometers. It’s a shadow of that amount.
what the rest of the winter holds. At such times, silly to assume that everybody in the province—or
people don’t have much choice but to set the even most people—have the option of taking the Stuart Taylor, Hinton.
thermostat to a position that has the furnace bus to where they’re going, or walking. This kind
constantly kicking in.
The government earnestly claims that higher 6,020 Audited Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Canadian
heating costs are going to be offset by rebates. If The Weekly Anchor Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Media Circulation
P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2
that were really true, then why charge the tax in Your SERVING: TOWN OF EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 27 YEARS! Telephone: (780) 723-5787 Alberta
OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.
Fax: (780) 723-5725
Weekly Newspapers
the first place? University of Calgary economist Local Independent Newspaper CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, Noon Website: Association Dana McArthur
Fri.: 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.
Trevor Tombe, said that when it comes to the Publisher/Owner
government’s much touted rebate scheme, only Member of the
about 40% of Albertans will receive a rebate. He Edson & District
says the difference between what the government Chamber of
says about rebates and what will actually occur Commerce Sue Ann Cindy Weisser Sonia Roy Miranda Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
has to do with the language government uses. Sales Representative Graphic/Layout Administration L’Hirondelle Reporter Reporter
Ass’t Mgr.
Front Desk
Apologies on my behalf to the Edson Cycling Association for a
misqoute of projected full cost build of the new Bike Park that is
going in out at Willmore. In the last issue my article incorrectly said
$350,000 when actually it is a $624,000 projected cost for the full
build. Please accept my apologies and I take full blame, not the
Weekly Anchor. Deanna Mitchener
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