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Edson and District Recycling Society addresses curbside recycling

by Adrienne Tait weight,” Auriat said, “It has to be a certain size. If
we get under 20 metric tonnes in a load it will
Anne Auriat and several of her fellow board actually get turned back and they will not accept it.
members from the Edson and District Recycling Those all are factors in how we market. Since it is
Society (EDRS) were at Town Council on Tuesday, single stream and well sorted it is easy to get rid of
January 9, to present council with information our product. Mixed waste is still hard.”
regarding the potential impact a curbside recycling Mayor Zahara asked what percentage of the
program would have on the Recycling Center recycled goods coming in to the center is from
programs and the environment. town, county, and commercial. The residential
Auriat began her presentation by reviewing a 65/35 split for residential is about right according
brief history of the Society as well as their to Auriat. “Cardboard is pretty well 90%
mandate. commercial,” said Auriat who has had some
The EDRS was formed in 1990. They began success with local businesses, such as Mountain
newsprint recycling in 1991. By 1994 they needed Steak and Pizza, converting to recyclable
a depot building which was constructed with the materials. Cardboard is trucked to mills that
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• help of donations from local businesses, residents, specialize in recycling cardboard. Businesses
recycling their office paper is one area in which
grants, and municipal support from Edson and
Permanent Resident•Photos & more Yellowhead County. Anne Auriat with the Edson and District Recycling Edson could improve.
Society (EDRS) addresses curbside recycling at
Today the depot is cost shared between the Town Council Jan. 9. photo Adrienne Tait Councillor Jacqui Currie asked if curbside
DROP IN AND SEE! municipalities (65/35) and is operated by the contamination, and elevated costs associated with recycling would be something the EDRS would be
EDRS. Over the years the EDRS has expanded to
able to do or consider. Auriat said that the next
include not only a wide variety of recyclables such sorting. step for the Recycling Centre is a conveyor belt
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson as cardboard, glass, tin, oil, and fluorescent tubes; Edson does not transport most of their materials and if sorting was minimized it may be a
but also encompasses the Take it or Leave It, by rail, recyclable goods leaving Edson are usually consideration in the future.
780-723-5787 educational programs, the Community Garden, and shipped to markets in the north eastern United combine the convenience of curbside recycling
Councillor Sorensen asked if there is a way to
States and Vancouver. Ag plastic is one of the few
a solar program. In 2017 over 2,000 tonnes (or 2
The Weekly Anchor million kgs) of material was diverted from the local items loaded into a sea-can and shipped to China without the contamination concerns. Auriat said
there may be but those options would certainly
from Edson.
landfill via the program.
Auriat told council the waste audit conducted by Because Edson can provide full loads EDRS is result in increased costs. Edson Funeral Home
the EDRS concluded the largest diversion potential sometimes able to find markets other communities The decision whether to include curbside
was food waste and therefor EDRS recommended a are unable to access. “When you go to a broker recycling along with composting with an automatic FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH
curbside composting program. The EDRS you have to have 20 metric tonnes minimum. It garbage pick-up will be back before council at a
identified a diversion potential of up to 283 tonnes, has to be very clean and it also has to make bale later date. Must stay on page 7
or 32% of household waste, with the
implementation of a curbside food waste
collection/composting program. F As per Sue
The previous council decided to implement a
curbside compost pick-up along with automated On right hand side
garbage collection but chose to leave the recycling
$1195/month. 1195/month.
program as-is. The current council has requested $ of the page
more information regarding the possibility of
adding both compost pick up and curbside
recycling to an automated garbage collection
Auriat said approximately 40% of communities This wonderful home
similar in size to Edson have curbside recycling.
There are pros and cons to a curbside recycling wants to welcome you.
program. Items such as electronics, aerosols, You will appreciate the
batteries and possibly recyclables such as glass and
certain plastics would still need to be brought to the open concept, three
A curbside recycling program would undoubtedly bedrooms and two full
increase convenience for Edson residents and bathrooms. The master
would likely increase the volume of recyclables
collected according to Auriat. bedroom can be your
However, Auriat cautioned that collecting more special retreat.
does not equate to diverting more from landfills
especially with the current challenges in finding a
market for low grade and mixed materials. Don’t hesitate.
“Calgary is trying to find buildings to store their
mixed paper in because there is no market. We [as Let’s make Creekside
a province] actually export about 40% of our
materials to China,” Auriat told council. As of your new home.
January 1st China is no longer accepting the low
grade materials they use to accept. Other potential
drawbacks to a curbside recycling program include
increased cost to residents, higher levels of Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110

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