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Major increase in call volume and complexity

for County protective services

New rescue engine will be completely equipped and provide central coverage

by Adrienne Tait In 2014 county fire services responded to 290 “The new rescue engine will be completely equipped
blind view engine and later received an annual overview from incidents. That number rose to 512 (227 of which and provide central coverage.”
County council approved a tender for a new rescue
were motor vehicle collisions) in 2015.
The engine will seat six firefighters, hold 1080
The 911 dispatch center also showed an increase in
gallons of water, and comes with a variety of
window 2015 from protective services during the January 12 call volume from 1007 calls in 2014 to 2362 calls in equipment and features including a 10kw generator,
regular council meeting.
2015. The county has entered into agreements with
elevating light tower, extrication equipment, and class
other municipalities to act as their 911 dispatch center.
The county has seen “a major increase in call
A foam system.
volume and complexity of these calls,” said Bahri,
The result is an off-set of costs for the county and
The county required that the truck must be built to
fashions Conservative “The current fire vehicle fleet is ageing and not benefits the other municipalities by granting them county specifications and the company be able to
access to the state of the art system without having to
designed to support these complex calls or call
provide a fully mobile 24 hour per day service team
iews calls are motor vehicle accidents, “How has the awarded to Rocky Mountain Phoenix who was the upon request.
purchase the equipment themselves.
The tender for the station 12 rescue engine was
Deputy Mayor Jack William asked if the majority of
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
complexity changed?”
The rescue engine was budgeted for in the 2016
Director Bahri said speed, type of impact, and the lowest of three bids at $964,506.00. MATS & COVERALL
January 4, January 25 new safety features in vehicles all play a role in budget and is to replace existing equipment. - Email us your invoices and we’ll guarantee to Deputy Mayor Jack Williams chaired the January 12 council meeting.
extraction and complexity.
Director of protective services Albert Bahri said,
February 15 County reduces cost of dust control for residents beat Alsco and Canadian Linen prices on mat and
coverall rentals and services.
- Easy and clear prices without added
March 7, 28 iews by Adrienne Tait said he was, “Happy to see that [expropriation] was environmental, delivery or fuel charges whatsoever.
- We have a seamstress on site for all repair needs.
Fibre optics in Cadomin
Yellowhead County council passed two amendments
- We offer wash (lower prices) and dry or
In a process CAO Jack Ramme described as
to the dust control policy. After much discussion in
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser previous committee of the whole meetings council “frustrating” county administration has been - Best prices on F/R and regular coveralls in stock.
investigating the possibility of accessing the Telus
unanimously agreed to make the required changes
fibre optics line in Cadomin to try and reach an
that would see county residents pay just $200 for 200
May 9, 30 S meters of dust control per application. agreement which would provide a tower for cell and or call DAVID at 780-517-2727
internet services. Ramme said, “We have been
The decrease in cost to county residents represents a
108 50 Street, Edson
fighting Telus policy for access.”
Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingummers Drilling Water Well Drilling
41% reduction from the 2015 rates.
Two applications, one spring and one fall will once
The fibre optics line was installed in the hamlet a
June 20 Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water again be available. number of years ago but has remained “dark.”
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
Ramme told council as far as he could gather the
Borrowing limit bylaw
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
Council approved the temporary short term
well repairs.
well repairs. borrowing limit bylaw and extended the period to lines were installed in order to avoid a fine by the
July 11 December 31, 2017. In the past the policy, which is province owned the internet lines. Ramme said that P INSTALLATIONS P
Councillor Fred Priestley-Wright said he thought the
required by both the lender and the MGA, was
reviewed and approved annually. The extension to in fact it was Bell who had paid for super net to be * Furnace Replacement
August 1, 22 two years falls in line with both council term and installed throughout the province a number of years * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
* Residential Heating Packages
ago. While Bell technically owns the line itself, they
streamlines the process for both the county and the
* Electronic Air Cleaners
gave the rights to the province of Alberta who in turn
Rosevear Bridge
Sept. 12 4405 50 street 7 discussions council was told that the design was contracted the company AXIA to manage the services. * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
* Sheet Metal Work
During the January 2016 follow-up action list
That contract expires in 2018.
In order for the municipality to broker a cell and
4405 50 street
Stony Plain, AB
October 3, 24 Stony Plain, AB completed and any land issues surrounding the new internet use agreement that is beneficial for the county 4640 3 Avenue
and its residents they have to negotiate with a number
Rosevear Bridge project have been resolved. The
of different entities.
project is expected to go to tender “right away”
according to CAO Jack Ramme. Councillor Russell
The county has made it a goal to improve internet
Phone: (780) 723-3553
November 14 B and cell phone access throughout the county. Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552
December 5, 26? 2015 CHEV SILVERADO 3500 HD LTZ AUTO, 4WD, * Furnace Replacement
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
* Electronic Air Cleaners
15-232 * Residential Heating Packages
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
$ $ $ $ $ $ $
WAS 66,640S 66,640S 66,640S 66,640S 66,640S 66,640S 66,640 81,270 * Sheet Metal Work
Blind View (780)-723-3351 PRICE 64,499 FREE ESTIMATES
Window Fashions THANK YOU
Custom Window Treatments Sobeys, Independent Grocers,
since 1988
and Peers Food Mart
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember On Dec. 6, 2015 Fulham Community
780.542.0898 Center hosted the seniors supper for
approx. 70 people and volunteers.
The center thanks the named businesses
as well as the following volunteer groups:
Peers 4-H Multi Club, Peers Handicraft
Club and McLeod Valley Riders.
Thank you to many individuals volunteers
who helped show appreciation to all that
A Festive Time had by all! 2015 CHEV SILVERADO 3500 HD LTZ
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