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S s CHOOL s UMMER s CHOOL Pine Grove principal surprises

Times Fun Times students with woodworking gift “Parkland

for Kids
s UMMER Middle School, wanted something more functional for her students than sand in a A Student View
Mrs. Lynne Legge, the Life Skills Educational Assistant at Ecole Pine Grove

plastic tote. Ideas were purposed to Mr. James Randall, the school Principal, of
possible projects such as sand in a stainless steel sink.
Fun ONLY RUNS IF began, so did his imagination and creativity as he began building in his workshop.
One of Principal Randall's many talents is woodwork and just as the holidays

Like out of a scene in a Christmas movie with Santa's elves hard at work, a new
for Kids
brightly colored sand table was built and arrived for the Life Skills students over the
The lime green and purple sand play center was constructed in just one week with
no plans or kit. It comes complete with two handcrafted benches on either side to sit
AN ARTICLE was my pleasure to build something that would bring enjoyment to our students.”
as the students play.
“I like being in my shop. My woodwork is my therapy,” Randall stated. “It truly

EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Submitted photo surprised to see the new sand table. The students were very motivated to finish all
Ms. Legge said the kids were so excited Monday and everyone was pleasantly
CLUB NEWS their activities to earn play time at the new center.
All of the staff at Ecole Pine Grove are continuously recognized by Mr. Randall for
their volunteerism and extra efforts that extend above and beyond their job
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada description. And our school would like to also say thank you for always leading by
THE EDSON TEEN ACTIVITY CENTRE PRESENTS: Paige Shand and Caiden Marr in Life Skills class at Ecole Pine Grove Middle example and demonstrating what Christmas is all about - giving back to our students
and community.
School enjoying the new handmade sand table created by Principal Randall.
Cross country skiing at Evergreen

Friday, January 15, 2016 by Deanna Mitchener got to be the best country skiing out at the
6:30pm-9:00 pm @ The Edson Legion; Cost $5.00 program ever. This is our Hornbeck Ski Trails.
For Youth 13 to 16 years old, please show School ID or birth On January 11grade
certificate to verify age. Tickets can be purchased at the Club third year for our kids Students and parents
5414 6 Ave from 1-6pm Mon-Fri. For more information please call four students at the taking the ski program. were excited and looking
780-723-7240 or email Evergreen School took The kids all seem to love forward to the rest of the
part in a cross country ski getting outdoors and ski program.
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Friday nights
from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year olds program offered at the taking part in the
that want to be part of the Club's programming one night a week. s c h o o l . F o r s o m e lessons."
The program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for youth students this was their Evergreen Teacher
to get together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air- Rianna O'Dell, a grade Wanda Milunch has
hockey, floor hockey and of course food. Check out Edson Teen very first time standing four student, said, "This h e r g r a d e f o u r
Activity Centre on Facebook for the weekly schedule. on skis. is my first time putting students out on the
MENTOR PROGRAM: The Mentoring Program is for youth ages 13-16 Grade four teacher on skis and trying it out. school grounds for
who would like to be carefully matched with a mentor who is 18 Wanda Miluch enjoys The best part is being their ski lesson for the
years or older. They participate in one-on-one activities in the spending time with season on January 11.
community which can include meeting at the Club, Talisman Place, able to have fun with
the Library, etc. It is a one year commitment which is based on students helping them friends while in class." photo Deanna Mitchener
friendship, trust, support and fun! Mentors and mentees meet a learn the sport. "This is The cross country ski
minimum of once a month and up to once a week, whichever their first time out for
works for their schedules. The Mentoring Coordinator facilitates program will run from
the relationship by remaining in contact with the Mentor, Mentee their first ski lesson January 8 until February
and their family and providing initial training and ongoing support learning how to put on 9 this year.
for everyone involved. Applications can be picked up at the Club.
For more information you can call 780-723-7240, email skis, how to fall, do For the first lesson Zoe Matiushyk, Riley turns, and we will be students practiced in the Apoll, Paige Reilly,
playing some games school yard. Then the and Kendra Hollaway
THANK YOU: Talisman Energy, Tim Hortons, Jerry Ford Sales,
Centrica Energy, Bannister GMC today," said Miluch. f o l l o w i n g l e s s o n s enjoy playing together
Crystal Ness, parent of students will be able to and learning all sorts
WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE: grade four student of new things in
Boys & Girls Club of Edson & District go across to Griffith's
Delaney, said, "The kids Park and take in some kindergarten at the
A good place to be are really excited to try skiing there. A.H. Dakin School.
out their skis." Alisha
To finish the ski program
723-7240 Taylor, parent for Dylan off students will have the
Watson, said, "This has
opportunity to go cross photo Deanna Mitchener

Proud Sponsor of the KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Edson Boys & Girls Club Dayin Mitchell is five years and enjoys going Mathew Fang is four years old and enjoys

to the Edson Day Care. Dayin says, “I really going to the Edson Day Care. Mathew said, “I
like it when my mom and dad come here like coming here, we get to do lots of things,
with me. I got to make friends here too. My play games and have friends. My favorite color
favorite thing over the holidays was is orange and favorite food to eat is carrots. I
swimming with the dolphins in Mexico. And really like playing with On The Box Robots. I
I made a sand castle all by myself there, we have one younger sister, her name is Kelly and
had so much fun there.” she is just two years old.”

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