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Free busing for Glenwood's
Heated Dog Bedseated Dog Beds

elementary students H
continued from front & Bowls Bowls % %
potential lack of the January 13 regular passed and therefore will were walking along 2 O
walking paths. board meeting and takes receive a refund for the Highway 16, through a
Across the division the effect immediately. balance of the current bulk station, and along an
policy change will affect Families who qualify school year. area with no sidewalks in
between 20 and 25 under the new policy will Concerns had been order to reach the school ALL
students. have their transportation raised by Glenwood making the walk a safety
The new policy was fees prorated from the residents that elementary concern.
passed unanimously at date the new policy was aged school children WINTER

Town approves revised landfill fees DOG

Council has approved 0.30/kg. The new and A u t h o r i t y , i t ' s Information Session on
the revised Schedule old Schedule “B” can be anticipated the Town of Municipal Governance APPAREL
“B”, Landfill Site Fees, reviewed online at the Edson landfill costs will hosted by Yellowhead
for Bylaw No. 1858 town website. b e i n c r e a s i n g . County this Friday.
which will go into effect ANRTA Presentation Administration has West End Sewer Line %
April 1, 2015. The Alberta Northern reviewed the current Council has directed 20
photo incorporation of Jasper R o c k i e s To u r i s m rates to compensate and administration to look OFF
With the recent
into alternate routes for
A l l i a n c e g a v e a
removed some items
in to th e Lan d f ill presentation to Council that are no longer the sewer line if the
A u t h o r i t y , i t ' s on their progress with accepted at the landfill proper right-of-ways
anticipated the Town of t h e i r D e s t i n a t i o n (i.e. animal carcasses, can't be acquired for the
Edson landfill costs will Management Plan contaminated fill, sump current design.
be increasing. project which was waste). The new and old The next Council
Administration has funded through a grant Schedule “B” can be Meeting is scheduled
reviewed the current from Alberta Tourism reviewed online at for January 20 at 7:30
rates to compensate and Parks and Recreation. pm in the Council
removed some items R e v i s e d E d s o n blic/download/docume Chambers. 413 50 St., 780-723-622013 50 St., 780-723-6220
that are no longer Landfill Rates nts/9175
accepted at the landfill Council has approved T o w n M a n a g e r
including: approved the revised Schedule Request
contaminated soil, “B”, Landfill Site Fees, Council has approved
animal carcasses, and for Bylaw No. 1858 a request from Town
sump waste. which will go into effect Manager Mike Derricott
The greatest change to April 1, 2015. With the to attend Executive
fees was to wet waste, recent incorporation of meetings for the Local
going from 0.10/kg to Jasper into the Landfill G o v e r n m e n t
A d m i n i s t r a t i o n
UPCOMING EVENT REMINDER Association of Alberta
(LGAA). Derricott is
currently serving as
January 24
Robbie Burns Night 6:00 pm, Catered by The Second Vice President
Olive Tree. Dress is formal, No Exceptions! Edson of the organization and
Mosaic Lodge 4725- 9 Ave. feels his continued
Tickets available at Horizon Music. involvement will be a
benefit to the Town of
January 24 Edson. All expenses are
Resolution Run – Talisman Place Join us for a fun paid by the association
run/walk to kick off 2015! Choose from a 5km or so there is no direct cost
8km loop. Registration is 12:30-1:00 pm, to the Town.
Run/Walk will start at 1:00 pm. Cost is $10 all Information Session
proceeds will go to the Edson Food Bank. Hot Approval was given
Cocoa, coffee, and snacks will follow the event.
The Eddie's Big Run Committee members will be for Council members to
the volunteers! attend the George Cuff

We specialize in protecting and maintaining
the appearance of your vehicles

Stop paint chips with Xpel Films

Computer Generated Kits The Town of Edson would like to welcome our new

to ensure an exact fit. Town Manager Mike Derricott to the community.
HAVE YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED TODAY! Mike has served previously as Town Manager to
Picture Butte and is joined by his wife and four

5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson young children. Welcome to the Town of Edson

Like us on Mike and family!
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