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The Weekly ANCHOR

Parkland Pacers take Gold in local tournament

by Sonia Delorme gold medal. They faced took third for the bronze a close second place s u p p o r t a n d coaches and volunteers.
Onoway in the first medal. and finally our Edson sponsorship of our We tend to forget the
Parkland Composite round winning 65-19. The Parkland boy's Parkland Pacers with sports teams. This time and dedication
High school hosted a For the semi finals team played hard and third place. D e c e m b e r, K e i t h they give to our
basketball tournament Westlock kept the game came out with a bronze Parkland was proud of presented our Parkland athletes. Late night
January 9 and 10. on its toes with a close medal win. They won both the boys and girls Pacers' basketball practices, travelling to
16 teams participated g a m e o f 5 8 - 5 2 . against Drayton Valley bringing a Gold and teams with a $2000.00 games on weekends,
in the two day event. Moving on to the finals 78-57, however lost in Bronze. donation. 30 years ago, and the time it takes
Eight teams of girls and the girls won against their second game I t w a s a n o t h e r Ron Linford began the away from their own
eight teams of boys Barrhead with a 56-39 against Barrhead 62-39. successful tournament sponsoring of our families are just a few
from all over the region over all score for the They went on to beat for Edson Parkland Pacers; gratefully, the of the supports our
coaches give. Your
Onoway 55-50 to place
tradition continues with
Do you have a story or pictures for the Sports Section? took to the courts. Gold medal. third over all. High School. his son Keith. students truly thank
“Once again, we
With the Parkland
The Pacer girl's team
Barrhead boys took
Last, but not least, a
Or a story idea? Send your submissions to: dominated in their girls placing first, first place, while cannot thank Keith huge thank you to our you!” said school
Linford from Sobeys
matches winning all
Weekly Anchor email: three games leading to a B a r r h e a d p l a c e d Evansburg came in with enough for his amazing
second, and Westlock
Do you have a story or
pictures for the Sports Fax to 780-723-5725
Or a story idea? or drop off at 5040 3rd
Send your submissions Avenue, Edson. Arlene Muamba steals the ball from Westlock
to The Weekly Anchor during the semi finals game Jan 9. Arlene was
email awarded the ‘Tournament All Star’ award.
anchorwk@ Photo: Deanna Mitchener

(Back Row left - right) Keith Linford – Marcus Sexsmith – Brandon Dolanz – Hannah Wiese – Kennedy
Claridge – Jade Beck – Sarah Strum – Megan Barrass – Drew Correia – Ryan Arndt (Front Row left -
right) Regan Barford - Allan Hallett – Sarah Bowman – Lexi Abbott - Jenna Wild - Mason Aschenmeier -
Arlene Muamba – Coach Willcott
Drew Correla goes for a high dunk during the
Pacer boy's game against Drayton Valley over
the Parkland basketball tournament held Jan. 9-
10. Photo: Deanna Mitchener

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Rifle Arms
Photos &
Rory MacDonald stands beside a Groomer and Track Setter combined into one piece of machinery. A
local guy built this himself, and this is our first year using it. We are very happy with the results, it gets DROP IN AND SEE!
pulled behind a snowmobile and groom trials and set the tracks all at the same time. Marsh Hoke
arranges all the trail grooming needs. He is wonderful at ensuring the trails are kept up and in great 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson
shape for all the skiers. Photo: Deanna Mitchener 780-723-5787
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