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see page 13 Fantastically funny annual Boob Tour
REMEMBRANCEREMEMBRANCE KENNEDY K Not all dentures are created equally. We specialize in providing comfortable & natural looking dentures.
Day DENTURE DENTURE Come see us and we will show you the difference!
CLINIC Quality caring service • New dentures, reline and repairs • Partial dentures and implant over-dentures
Win A Nov. 11 4902-5th Ave, Edson Seniors may be eligible for Dental Assistance for the Seniors Program
Alberta Small Business Business of Canadian
Media Circulation
Valentine’s ‘Lest we Association of the Year 2009 Award Winner the Year 2010 Audit
Day Gift! EDSON’S INDEPENDENT, AWARD WINNING LOCAL NEWSPAPER Water catastrophe results in damaged reservoir
IN PAPER The Weekly See Page 3 Approx. 300,000 gallons lost as crews worked in frigid -28c to isolate break
for this week’s specials
see pages 32 to 36 CONTEST! SIDEWALK MONDAY, January 22, 2018 SERVING EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 26 YEARS 780-725-4424
VOL. 29, NO. 3
CHRISTMAS SAVINGS!! REC COMPLEX MP Eglinski says ‘flaws’ in marijuana legislation continued page 14
SPECIAL Edson Rec Update to town includes information on CN crossings and Pine Beetles
Complex RFP
Christmas ENERGY & OIL moves ahead by Adrienne Tait will set their priorities and impropriety taking place,” said E g l i n s k i s a i d , “ T h e Fall Toxic Round Up
“plan of attack” as the official Eglinski.
legislation is very loose.” One
EDITION FEATURE: after 4-3 vote... West Yellowhead Member of opposition for the upcoming The marijuana bill was passed concern is that it will be legal to at Recycle Depot...
and is set to come out July 1 . possess up to 30 grams of
Letters to Santa, see page 4 Parliament Jim Eglinski sitting of the legislature.
attended the Town Council Eglinski said the party will Eglinski told council, “There marijuana but a person will not
Greetings & More! ENERGY meeting on January 16 to continue to challenge the tax are a lot of flaws in that bill. be charged until 50 grams,
Rotary Kicks EDUCATION PROTOCOL connect with council as well as reforms as well as the finance There are a lot of flaws with “Why have two different
provide an update from Ottawa. minister regarding tax benefit regards to the impaired driving a m o u n t s ? ” q u e s t i o n e d
Free bowling WELLNESS into IN ACTION! Violence and t o V i c t o r i a f o r t h e “We believe Canadians want to scientific evidence for what the impact to municipalities
MP Eglinkski will soon head schemes and pension concerns. laws” most notably a lack of Eglinski. Another concern is

Conservative's national caucus see more. There is clear levels would be considered and provinces with regards to
and snacks PROJECT Gear see pages 25-28 Risk Protocol meeting at which time the party evidence that there was some impaired with marijuana. continued page 2

...equals smiles! P.C. PARTY see page 8 Reflections

Community Meal....


Countdown begins 1910: Evicting

the Metis from
with Lite-Up! see page 25


Seniors Lodge
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assistance with photo Deanna Mitchener
County Ad... leaky roof...

see page 7

see page 9

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see page 6

REAL ESTATE Elaine Kendall, Marion Bachand, Sarah Aubin, David Abercrombie, Michele Hickie, Charlene Parker, Novin Vadiveloo,
Jim Rutley, Sarah Leach, and Sherri See (FASD Network) helped to dish up close to 100 dinners during the Reflections (Edson Ltd.)
Community Meal that was held on January 11. (see story page 29) photo Deanna MItchener AUTO GLASS SPECIALISTS
fOR ALL YOUR glass and window needs call 723-4042
Edson and 10% discount with this ad
Area’s Best 780-865-8878 or 1-800-582-3270 7007 - 4th Ave., Edson, Alberta Town moving forward with Multi-Use Facility Planning
Source for 780-725-9393 Better Ingredients, Better P
Better Ingredients, Better Pizzaizza
Real Estate Unit 104, 303 45 Street NOW HIRING
Look inside to see Hours: 11 am to 11 pm Sunday to Thursday
Email resume to
Email resume to
the best in real estate 11 am to 1 am Friday and Saturday
and agents in our area. BEST DEALS ONLINE ONLY!
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