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Local Rap artist draws crowd with Edmonton performance

by Deanna Mitchener reaction right on their face. The other
incredible thing about performing live is that I
The name SRVENT has been getting a lot of feel like I get a chance to share my innermost
recognition and for good reason, the up-and- self, I get to re-engage with the emotions I felt
comer is making a name for himself, and fans when I wrote the song and then I can see how
are travelling a great distance to see him people connect with those emotions too. It's a
perform. great way to feel like a proper human being,
On January 12, Spencer Richard (SRVENT) you know. I get to connect with people in a
a local Edson artist was a huge hit at the way that defies words. I love it so much, even
Mercury Room in Edmonton. He performed an though I get nervous,” said Richard.
opening set for the band “Form 10" and later SRVENT is a young father of two daughters
he joined them on stage during their headline and he also works outside of the music
act where they became his backup band for business, "It's basically family, work,
one of his songs. sometimes friends, and writing. That's my life.
Fans from Edson, Hinton, and Edmonton It's a rare thing to be able to watch a show in
packed the Mercury Room and were not fact I've pretty much given up watching shows.
disappointed as all the bands, including I can sneak in the odd movie. If I can't enjoy
additional openers “Ends in Tragedy” and all the grueling aspects of being an artist, I
“The Pits”, delivered an outstanding probably shouldn't be trying to make a go of it.
performance. I also want my daughters to see what
When asked at what age SRVENT started dedication looks like," said Richard. "I spend
playing instruments, he replied, "I started time with them in the studio, sometimes I just
playing the piano when I was tall enough to grab the ukulele and sing songs with them. I
reach it. I remember smashing keys with my want them to feel like daddy's studio is a fun
palms and thinking it sounded so beautiful. I place as well as a sacred one."
composed original music that grew in SRVENT's debut album will be released in Edson's own Rap artist SRVENT (Spencer
Richard) is becoming a well known name, not
complexity as I got older. I didn't start really April of this year and you can also check out only in our community, but other communities
singing until I was 17 years old." for more information on him. as well. photo Smiling Moose Media Works
"I picked up the guitar and started to teach
myself and within a couple days I wrote a song
or two with actual words. After that I had to F
work up the courage to show those songs to
my closest friend," said Richard. "It took a lot
$1195/month. 1195/month.
of time and effort before I was confident
enough to sing in front of people." $
"My favorite thing about performing is
having that direct line of communication. In a
performance venue, I actually get to see the
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