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continued from front THE WEEKLY ANCHOR MONDAY JULY 4, 2016 PAGE 2
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continued from front MP Eglinski says ‘flaws’ in marijuana legislation
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continued from front policing requirements which both the president of CN Rail and

continued from front Eglinski believes we are not the Minister of Transportation along
prepared for. with the complaints he has received
continued from front Councillor Gean Chouinard asked from the riding. “The problem with
continued from front if there is any update or word of CN is it has gotten too big for its
federal support for battling the britches,” said Eglinkski.
continued from front
mountain pine beetle. MP Eglinski On January 15 Eglinski
said that he has been advocating on announced he would not be seeking
the riding's behalf and seeking re-election in 2019. “It was a tough
increased financial support. “The decision but it was the right
federal government says its decision,” he said. The decision
responsibility with regards to the came after consultation with his
Misadventures issue is science and technology. We wife, children, friends and extended
have the science already. It is time
family members. “I think this is if
for action,” said the MP.
not the greatest then one of the
Mayor Zahara inquired about the greatest ridings in the country,” said
continued concerns with the CN MP Eglinski, “I want to make sure
railroad crossing delays. Eglinski the person that follows me has my
said he can accept that CN cannot support. I will still be around and
break the trains but he cannot fighting for the riding for the next
accept 15, 20,30 or 45 minute two or three years depending on
crossing delays. Prior to the winter when Mr. Trudeau calls the
break Eglinski filed letters with election.”

Theft Complaints top

list of RCMP calls

January 8 to 14 saw 69 calls for Vehicles, 4 Alarms/False Alarms, 4
service by the local Edson RCMP Fraud, 3 Assistance Calls, 3 Fail to
detachment. Topping the list of calls comply w/conditions, 3
was 12 Theft Complaints. False/Abandoned 911 call, 3
Other calls included 8 Traffic Mental Health Act, 3 Traffic
Collisions, 6 Assault, 6 Mischief or Complaints, along with various
Damage, 6 Suspicious Persons or other requests for service. West Yellowhead Member of Parliament Jim Eglinski attended the
Town Council meeting on January 16 to connect with council and
answer questions. photo Adrienne Tait


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