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An inflated plan...

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The Bank of exemption so those by Deanna Mitchener
From the
Canada estimates Publisher’s Desk who earn under
there will be Dana McArthur $30,000, for example,
about 60,000 would not pay any
fewer jobs across income tax.
the country by 2019 due to the This would offer an immediate
increases in minimum wages. increase in personal spending
Alberta raised its minimum wage without triggering inflation or
from $12.20 to $13.60 towards the forcing companies to incur another
end of 2017 and is expected to raise government imposed expense like
its minimum wage to $15 later this the carbon tax, and the recent claw-
year. Ontario raised its minimum backs in the federal tax code.
wage to $14 per hour on Jan. 1 from Decreasing personal taxes, instead
$11.60 and plans to increase it to of increasing minimum wages well
$15 in 2019. above the other provinces, would
The number of job losses was also bolster Alberta's dwindling
based on a 0.3 per cent predicted competitive edge. Attracting and
decline in the number of work keeping manufacturing and entry Letter to the Editor Policy
hours. level jobs is key to the training and
Riding Update: Raising the minimum wage as skill development of employees. The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor
companies cut back hours and raise Provinces with lower minimum
Open Letter: prices to cover the added costs will wages and other costs will attract All letters are published at the discretion of the

have the net effect of no one being many of these businesses that offer editor-publisher who reserves the right to edit for
better off. But it does seem to be a this vital on-the-job experience. clarity, length and libel. Letters published do not
But is it likely that the government
handy way to garner votes.
necessarily reflect the policies or beliefs of this
Misadventures Letter to the Editor: concerned about helping increase will share its tax revenue especially newspaper. All letters must bear the name of the
If the government was truly
when they can pull it from the hands
writer and include the address and telephone
people's disposable income they
would raise the personal tax of small and medium businesses? number, which will not be published.
—simply put, it will never happen.

Changes made to the Canada Summer Jobs Program for 2018

Eric Rosendahl I have serious concerns over an issue that has forced to live without benefits that they are entitled
recently come to light regarding the Canada
Summer Jobs Program (CSJ). For years, the CSJ Jim Eglinski As a diverse society, Canada allows for diverse
Program has provided funding to employers across opinions and protects those who may think
Canada to hire young Canadians for summer job MP Yellowhead differently than those in positions of power. In
My placements. Students benefit by gaining valuable course of the summer. fact, the right to freedom of belief and opinion is
ViewPoint employment and work experience, and In no way are the funds used for any unlawful guaranteed by the Charter.
If your organization is effected by this
communities benefit from the important services
by Adrienne Tait provided by these organizations. This has always purpose as this Government seems to suggest. This discriminatory Liberal change, I urge you to
been done in a non-partisan fashion. new requirement would leave these institutions submit your application anyway with a brief note
I have learned that the Liberals have tried to two choices. Choice #1 would be to sign the form explaining that in good conscience you are unable
quietly, without any consultation with Members of against their own beliefs and religion – which for to sign the form.
Parliament or Canadian employers, change the most is not an option. Choice #2 would be to lose I will be pressuring the Government to remove
process through which employers apply for the funding and cancel their programs. Religious this ridiculous requirement in the application
funding through the CSJ Program. The institutions should never be treated this way by process for the CSJ Program and will be watching
Government is now requiring those who apply for their own Government. closely to ensure that employers in my riding are
funding to sign the form that the employer agrees The Charter of Rights and Freedoms explicitly not rejected for refusing to swear to abide by this
to uphold certain “values”—values that align with protects the freedom of conscience and religion, Government’s priorities.
the Liberal Party’s own ideology. This is freedom of belief, freedom of expression, and I encourage you – whether you’re impacted
unacceptable and, I would argue, is inconsistent freedom of opinion. To punish employers applying directly or not – contact the Minister of
with the Canadian Charter of Rights and for non-partisan funding simply because they have Employment, Patricia Hajdu at
Freedoms. This is a deeply concerning different views and ideology than the Government and Prime Minister
development and Canadians should be extremely of the day is unacceptable. Trudeau at and let them know you
skeptical of a government that is basing funding If the Prime Minister were to apply this same won’t stand for these dangerous changes. You can
decisions on whether or not you hold the same process to eligibility for Old Age Security (OAS), I also sign the petition at:
beliefs and values as they do. am sure that there would be a number of seniors
There are numerous churches and religiously that would either be forced to lie on the form or be ?Petition=e-1434
motivated organizations that receive annual
funding through the CSJ Program and have
received this funding for years. Typically, these 6,020 Audited Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Canadian
Media Circulation
funds are used to run summer camps and The Weekly Anchor Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Audit
P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2
programs. Many young people who work at these Your OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Fax: (780) 723-5725 Alberta
Local Independent Newspaper Fri.: 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m. Email: Weekly Newspapers
programs gain valuable work experience over the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, Noon Website: Association Dana McArthur
Member of the
Due to a typographical error in our Jan 15, 2018 issue, Edson & District
page 4, “Town grapples with Rec Complex issue” Mr. Chamber of
Keith Linford’s name was incorrectly typed. Our Commerce Sue Ann Cindy Weisser Sonia Roy Miranda Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Sales Representative Graphic/Layout Administration L’Hirondelle Reporter Reporter
Ass’t Mgr.
Front Desk
Apologies on my behalf to the Edson Cycling Association for a
misqoute of projected full cost build of the new Bike Park that is
going in out at Willmore. In the last issue my article incorrectly said
$350,000 when actually it is a $624,000 projected cost for the full
build. Please accept my apologies and I take full blame, not the
Weekly Anchor. Deanna Mitchener
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