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S s CHOOL s UMMER s CHOOL Pine Grove students

Times Fun Times exchange letters across country “Parkland

for Kids
s UMMER grade eight class from like within Canada, and of the race will be the A Student View
with a cover letter from
student who receives a
their teacher explaining
letter back first.
Mr. Glen Kelly's
the project, hopefully a
The art of writing a
response will be
École Pine Grove
letter has been slowly
Fun ONLY RUNS IF Middle School is received in the form of diminishing with the
a d v a n c e m e n t o f
participating in the
for Kids
The entire class will
technology and the
Great Canadian Mail
then write letters and
introduction of email,
Race, a tradition being
send them across
messaging applications
carried on for over two
in hopes that they will
f o r m o f i n s t a n t
The idea is for
AN ARTICLE decades. Canada to other schools and the most common
respond and carry on
students to exchange
c o m m u n i c a t i o n -
the chain reaction.
letters about themselves
mobile texts.
The students in Mr.
The students look
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Submitted photo with other students Kelly's class sent out forward to receiving
across the country.
The student who
CLUB NEWS Grade 8 students from Ecole Pine Grove writing letters. (L to R) Kyla Kiland, writes a letter chooses their letters the week their letters and getting
before Christmas
t o k n o w a n o t h e r
Hailey Lubarsky and Kaitlyn Lennox. any random school they break, and the “winner” Canadian student who
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada received theirs.
Evergreen's SWAT dishes out Dragon Fruit
by Deanna Mitchener Dragon Fruit they are
sampling, and our SWAT
The SWAT team is will be handing out
Friday, January 15, 2016
6:30pm-9:00 pm @ The Edson Legion; Cost $5.00 loose at Evergreen samples to every student
For Youth 13 to 16 years old, please show School ID or birth School and they are in the school. SWAT
certificate to verify age. Tickets can be purchased at the Club handing out… fruit.
5414 6 Ave from 1-6pm Mon-Fri. For more information please call students had to research
780-723-7240 or email Mrs. Corser from the the fruit and look up a
E v e rg r e e n S c h o o l few facts to hand out as
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Friday nights u s u a l l y t e a c h e s
from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year olds well. We have two
that want to be part of the Club's programming one night a week. Kindergarten, but for the students from the SWAT
The program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for youth past two years she has a s s i g n e d t o e a c h
to get together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-
hockey, floor hockey and of course food. Check out Edson Teen been involved with classroom and they
Activity Centre on Facebook for the weekly schedule. ( S WAT ) S t u d e n t follow through with a
Wellness Action Team
MENTOR PROGRAM: The Mentoring Program is for youth ages 13-16 p h y s i c a l a c t i v i t y,
who would like to be carefully matched with a mentor who is 18 during lunch break once teaching students how to
years or older. They participate in one-on-one activities in the a week.
community which can include meeting at the Club, Talisman Place, stay active and well,"
the Library, etc. It is a one year commitment which is based on The grade four and five said Mrs. Corser.
friendship, trust, support and fun! Mentors and mentees meet a SWAT students do The SWAT students
minimum of once a month and up to once a week, whichever monthly fruit tasting and
works for their schedules. The Mentoring Coordinator facilitates came up with facts for
the relationship by remaining in contact with the Mentor, Mentee a weekly activity to stay Dragon Fruit like are
and their family and providing initial training and ongoing support a c t i v e w i t h i n t h e
for everyone involved. Applications can be picked up at the Club. they are also known as
For more information you can call 780-723-7240, email classroom. pitaya or strawberry "Each of our students pear. The fruit has been
gets a sample of a
THANK YOU: Talisman Energy, Tim Hortons, Jerry Ford Sales, referred to as the most
Centrica Energy, Bannister GMC different fruit each beautiful in the cactus
month. Some fruits family. It is cultivated in
WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE: many students have not
Boys & Girls Club of Edson & District subtropical and tropical
had the opportunity to regions like Central
A good place to be try so this gives them a Mexico. Its texture is a Evergreen Wellness Action Team (SWAT) grade four and five students with Mrs. Corser on January 20
chance to see if they like
cross between a kiwi and
723-7240 them,” said Corser. a firm pear. getting ready to hand out fresh Dragon Fruit to all students. Photo: Deanna Mitchner
“For January it's
Proud Sponsor of the KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Edson Boys & Girls Club Drew Henry is 13 years old and in grade eight at Kaitlyn Binner is 11 years old and in grade six at
YKCS. Drew’s favorite sport to play is volleyball, YKCS. Kaitlyn says, “My favorite subject in school
but for now he is enjoying basketball season at is PE because you get to do activities that are
school. His hobbies include playing sports, helpful to make you fit. My favorite hobby is
quadding and sledding. Drew says, “I have drawing, I have tow older siblings, one brother and
never been outside of Canada, only as far as one sister. My favorite food is pizza and meatballs.
Alberta and B.C. My favorite subject in school is The farthest away I have been is to Hawaii and that
Science because it can be a lot of fun. I have was two years ago. I would love to go back some
one older sister who just graduated last year. time again.”
Favorite food is macaroni and cheese.”

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