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McPhee Construction: from one man

with a backhoe to 28 employees

by Adrienne Tait clean crew and they are all hard working and loyal.” go is a gift. “You can help them out but you cannot
Beaner said the respect the employees give and live their lives.”
Faith, family, and fortitude have helped Pat receive from the owners encourages the positive
McPhee turn his company from one man with a environment. There have been a number of challenges over the
small hoe to a company with 28 employees through In the 41 years since starting the company Pat has years including the increasing number of health and
McPhee Construction and another nine with Edson learned a number of things but topping that list he safety rules and regulations, the implementation of
Concrete. various technology programs, and learning to look
The family business has seen its outside the box when one market
ups and downs over the years and the slows down.
current downturn with the oil The compliance, safety, health,
commodity prices is something that and environmental regulations that
they have weathered before and will have come into effect have led to a
again. position created just to address those
McPhee took out a loan to purchase issues. Stacey Howard is McPhee's
HSE specialist and despite the role,
his first hoe in 1974. His first job is just as likely to be seen operating
did not turn out quite as he'd hoped. equipment if needed.
With no other equipment Pat drove
the hoe up the north road to the Pine “One thing that makes this
Creek job site. Upon returning from company special is that Pat will still
the successfully completed job he go out and get his hands dirty, run
noticed a grinding sound and ended equipment, wash floors. He never
up with a two thousand dollar repair sends his guys to do something he
bill. “I didn't have a clue!” said wouldn't do and they respect him for
McPhee. it,” said Denise.
With his wife June answering “Super Dave” Daniels has been
phones, while raising their six kids, with the company for over 20 years
the company grew steadily over the and has seen a lot of growth. When
years. “My wife June has been with asked to describe working at
me since the beginning. She stuck McPhee in three words he said,
by me through thin and thick and I'm “Lots of fun.”
very thankful,” said Pat. Photo Adrienne Tait Described as a combination of
With sons Brian and Fergus taking McGyver, truck driver, and Rambo
bigger roles in the company, Pat is McPhee Construction, an Edson and area business since 1974, continues to grow. by his co-workers, Dave said
learning to let go of the reins bit by McPhee provides a family friendly
bit. work environment that lets their
employees be home every night,
As an employer, Pat has inspired loyalty from his said is, “You're only as good as your people. You “and I'm never bored,” said Dave.
employees many of whom have been with the have to treat each other with respect and be
company for years. thankful.” 41 years after that first job the company now
Secretary Denise Beaner, who has worked at Other lessons learned include not having all your provides road maintenance for oilfield companies,
McPhee Construction for more than 20 years, said, eggs in one basket, read your bible and pray every private contracts, and municipal governments, gravel
“What makes this company special is the day, and you have to be kind. Pat said it can be work, grading, replacing culverts, sanding, wash out
environment. It's pleasant and respectful. We run a challenging when employees bring their home issues repair, and building approaches.
to work or work issues home and learning to let that

Since 1974

Those that know the industry will tell you that quality people help to get

the job done. McPhee Construction in Edson goes a step further. They

have the quality equipment and highly trained personnel to get the job

done on time. They specialize in oilfield road maintenance, gravelling

sanding and snow removal. From trackhoes, dozers, loaders, graders,

rubber-tired hoes, to skidsteers, as well as crushed gravel, pit run and sand.

McPhee Construction is ready to work, so you can too.

McPhee Construction Ltd. McPhee Construction Ltd.

Quality people, quality products, quality services.Quality people, quality products, quality services.
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