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Mayor addresses concerns

with noise bylaw

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you look at it, it's still simple as issuing a properties are taxed
a h o m e . T h e s e letter. It is much more based on assessed
situations are mostly challenging.” value and residential
handled on a case by The question was versus non-residential
case basis. It's not easy raised as to whether or the zoning in these
and they generally not the town would be situations would make
involve a lawyer and receiving their proper little difference unless
legal. It is not as tax portion but as it affected assessment.

Illegal basement

suites raise concerns H
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the situation had Sometimes you have Brian Boyce voiced his 2
changed, and the b a d r e n t e r s a n d disapproval of the OFFOFF
photo current owner is living sometimes you have application and said,

Junior Forest Warden instructors Sandy Hemsworth and Kevin Thurner in the home, she will be good.” “There is no benefit to ALL
Phil Switzer spoke in
allowed to apply for a
work with the Trail Blazers in making a survival kit. Trail Blazers are for opposition to the bylaw the town to allow this
youths ages nine to 12. They meet at the Edson Boys and Girls Club every development permit for suite. I don't believe in WINTER
Tuesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. If you have youths looking for things to an owner occupied amendment and said rewarding scofflaws.
do this might just be what your looking for. Photo Deanna Mitchener basement suite, hence the basement suite plus We shouldn't reward
the application to allow the suite upstairs the developer by DOG
Making meals a fun the illegal suite was r e s u l t e d i n a making this suite legal.
densification that
They knew they were
The application for compounded problems in contravention of the APPAREL
‘Unplugged’ family event the basement suite at such as parking and bylaws when they did %
traffic flow.
1620 Edson Drive was
it. These people
also denied. Owner Pelke told council, bought their houses 20 OFF
by Adrienne Tait each other and hearing their day those who Rob Pelke was present a n d t h o s e i n based on single family
what is important to w o u l d n o r m a l l y and informed his attendance, that he had residency. This is not
The family dinner is each person. d o m i n a t e a n e i g h b o r s t h a t previously applied for the same as an existing
one way Edsonites can In order to make the conversation learn to regardless of the changes to the town building that has been
e n c o u r a g e t h e i r time more fun the listen while the quieter decision regarding the bylaws to allow for a
families to “unplug” f a m i l y w i l l personalities have the converted.”
t h i s F a m i l y D a y o c c a s i o n a l l y opportunity to talk. basement suite the basement suite in a Boyce added that the
weekend. incorporate a game into The benefits of eating house itself would duplex and was denied owners have the option
413 50 St., 780-723-622013 50 St., 780-723-6220
Eating together as a the meal such as issuing together as a family remain a rental. despite meeting the to sell the house and a 4
family is something the a challenge not to use h a v e l o n g b e e n Pelke said, “There required codes. buyer could apply for
Kwantes family has the word “I” during the d o c u m e n t e d . have been basement Council received
d o n e s i n c e t h e i r course of the meal. According to Alberta an owner occupied
children were babies. Kwantes said that the H e a l t h S e r v i c e s suites in this town for numerous letters and a suite.
Mom Helena said with time together helps families who eat decades. The majority petition with 74 T h e s e n t i m e n t s
the exception of school teach the children to together not only are in older houses…. s i g n a t u r e s f r o m expressed by Boyce
and work they eat all socialize in a variety of benefit nutritionally but There are quite a residents opposed to were echoed by the
their meals together. settings including how learn social skills, but the bylaw amendment.
Whenever possible she to sit and visit with are more likely to earn number of people who other councillors and
gets her children, who other people. By better grades, and teens come to town and who D u r i n g t h e the application to
range in age from four having each person at are less likely to use are highly educated and subsequent discussion approve the illegal
to ten, to help with the table tell one tobacco, marijuana or paid well and looking b e t w e e n c o u n c i l suite was unanimously
everything from prep positive thing about prescription drugs. for a place to rent. members, councillor
work to setting the denied.
“The younger ones We specialize in protecting and maintaining
will help me decide the Bacon Wrapped
meal,” said Helena who Chicken the appearance of your vehicles
will choose a cookbook
she likes and then lets Save $2
the younger children NEW VEHICLE? NEW PAINT?
put sticky tabs on the
recipes they would like Stop paint chips with Xpel Films
to try. The younger DEAL OF THE WEEK
children also help wash Computer Generated Kits
vegetables or cut foods
that can be cut with a to ensure an exact fit.
butter knife.
majority of the cooking,
the older children help
set the table and make 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
the food.
Along with sharing in 780-723-5353
the chores eating Address: #101, 330 45 St,
together provides an Phone:(780) 712-4272 Like us on
opportunity to talk with
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