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Last of the
addressed with federal funding BUICKUICK 2014 ENCLAVE2014 ENCLAVE WELL EQUIPPED,
by Adrienne Tait the entire community to the table there may be creative WAS 47,805 BUMPER TO BUMPER,
or inventive solutions presented. NOW 39,488
The Edson Friendship Centre has received federal While an Emergency Shelter may not be financially 14-198
funding to be used to address homelessness in the area. feasible for Edson, Kristie is confident that other
Adopting a housing first model the centre is solutions are available. “We are a huge community
spearheading a project to address the issues that affect with lots of resources. If you have the right people
Edson. The concept is that by addressing the basic sitting at the table you can do some really creative stuff.
need of housing you are providing stability and are then And it might not work 100% of the time but if it's
able to increase other supports such as mental health, working for even half of that 60 people it is still worth it
medical, and employment issues to help formerly in the end.”
homeless people maintain their housing long term. In order to kick start the community engagement
Alberta Human Services defines homeless as those piece Gomuwka has booked Professor Solina Richter
who do not have safe, affordable, appropriate, to come to Edson and present information to the public
permanent housing to which they can return whenever regarding rural homelessness on March 5. As well as
they choose. hearing the information there will be a round table talk
Kristie Gomuwka said, “Homelessness in rural on the face of homelessness in Edson and where to go
communities doesn't look like what we imagine it to from here.
look like. More likely it is couch surfing, living in The presentation will be open to the public and Kristie
hotels, or multiple families living under one roof. It's is hoping for a large representation of community
going to look different than what we see in the members including those who are currently homeless.
downtown locations in some of our cities.” The Edson Friendship Centre is currently hiring a
One the most important aspects of the project will be coordinator position for the project and intends to hire a Turtle is a
the community engagement and education that will front line worker. very
come with the project. According to Alberta Human Services, “Studies
While there has never been an official count done in show it can cost upwards of $100,000 per year in affectionate
Edson the “conservative estimate” of homeless people health, emergency, and justice system services to 3 year old
in Edson is 60. support a chronically homeless person. Under Housing
The process of determining exact numbers will be First, it costs less than $35,000 per year to provide who loves
challenging as unlike major centers those in need of permanent housing and the supports they need to break to be
support are spread throughout the community. the cycle of homelessness.”
The first step of the project will be to develop a large The province has implemented a 10-year plan to end around
task force of representatives from traditional service homelessness by 2019 with funding provided to people.
providers to real estate agents, and landlords, along community-based organizations in the seven major
with two medical students currently working on the cities. She doesn’t
project. For more information on joining the task force you
The goal will be to develop a community plan that can attend the March 5 presentation or contact Kristie get along
provides long term supports and not just address short Gomuwka at 780-723-5494. well with
term needs. Gomuwka said she hopes that by bringing dogs but

Blind View Fiscal situation poses challenges thoroughly
Window Fashions It's no secret Alberta is are resilient, and more being petted by her humans.
facing serious fiscal Robin Campbell, MLA than equal to the BOTTLE DRIVE - Friday, February 6
challenges with the West Yellowhead challenges before us. Contact Ryan at 780-712-6436
Custom Window Treatments falling price of oil. With prudence and
since 1988 Since last June, we've vision, our government for pick up address
seen world oil prices drop w i l l p r o t e c t t h e
by over 50 per cent. With means Alberta gains including reducing province's economic Sponsored by:
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember energy contributing so 15,000 children, who government spending, health while delivering CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
much to Alberta's
n e e d 2 8 n e w increasing revenues, and
780.542.0898 on Albertans' priorities. Satellite TV sales, installs, service
economy, exports and schools—every year. using our $5 billion We have weathered these John’s cell 780-723-0147
revenues, this situation Dealing with lower contingency account to storms before and we will Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
obviously has a major revenues and a growing help us move to a long- once again.
impact on our province's population requires a term sustainable fiscal
finances. If low prices carefully balanced plan. The Premier has
continue, we could have a approach. If government said that he is not
$6 to $7 billion shortfall simply cut $6 to $7 embracing a sales tax, nor
for Budget 2015. billion out of the budget, does he believe Albertans
That's equivalent to we would only make a w a n t o n e . S o m e
Alberta's entire annual bad situation worse, A l b e r t a n s h a v e DEVELOPING LITERACY SKILLS
M & M Meats Franchise education budget. It causing a recession and advocated for a sales tax, January is Literacy month, a great way to
devastating public
amounts to a huge 15%
and the government is
Fantastic opportunity available with M & M Meats drop in revenue—and it's services. Plus, Albertans willing to listen to what start the whole year off learning the
at a fraction of the cost to build new. Minimum happening while our have learned the hard they have to say. importance of these fine skills. Coloring is
down payment of $45,000+/-, with the potential to province is still growing. way that when you defer T h e A l b e r t a a form of literacy, it helps a child practice
earn $82,000+/- in your first year. The lease In 2014, Alberta's investment in public Government has already holding a writing tool the correct way, and
extends to 2027, and the rate is very reasonable. population grew by more infrastructure it can take begun to take action, with aids in developing those tiny muscles in
Call Team Hansen @ (403) 343-0824 or email than 100,000 including decades—and a lot more a three-point plan to their hands, fingers and wrists. Coloring to see growing families and money—to catch up. reduce government aids in hand and eye coordination as they
what the benefits of being part of the M & M Meats new Albertans arriving Alberta has the highest- expenses. This plan learn to color within the specified areas.
Franchise is all about. from across Canada and cost public services, includes limiting hiring Coloring allows a child to relax and be
around the world. Many along with the lowest to critical or front line comfortable while creating a piece of art.
Visit our website at: newcomers contribute to taxes, and we have been w o r k e r s ; s e v e r e l y Helps in learning colors, eventually a child
our economic health by filling the gap with limiting staff travel and can even learn to plan as they decide the
spending money, paying resource revenues. Those training; and restricting colors they want to use for their artwork.
taxes and filling jobs. But are revenues we can't spending on goods and
they, along with the 4 count on. services. Family Friendly Business Recognition From Early Childhood Matters goes out to
million people already So, what to do? As we approach the Smitty's Family Restaurant, for providing crayons and activity sheet for small children.
l i v i n g h e r e , n e e d Premier Prentice has next budget, we know we Email us at and tell us about a local business
infrastructure. For established a Budget will have to make that made your family outing with the kids just a little more enjoyable.
example, an increase of Committee that is difficult choices. But we
100,000 people a year exploring all options also know that Albertans


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