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continued from front County asks for Moratorium on Rec Complex sale
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the Golf Club, to now seeking open proposals million. selling this facility until the two municipalities
continued from front [RFP] that may or may not have the communities' "Council may wish to advise the Town of its agree upon a go-forward recreation facility plan.
continued from front best interests at heart," stated Ramme to County desire to have them put this initiative aside until Upon notice of the forthcoming letter from
Council members. such a time as the two municipalities can agree as County, Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara stated, “We
continued from front "County Council has expressed concern about the to what new recreation facilities may be built in the appreciate the feedback from Yellowhead County
revised process, and the impacts a hasty decision future and if there is a re-purposed need for this and look forward to discussing it with them at our
may have on the community. Without having a facility," said Ramme. joint meeting on February 6. Our Council will meet
generally agreed to go-forward plan relative to County Council unanimously agreed to send a that evening and will decide on how to move
recreational facilities between the two letter to the Town asking for a moratorium on forward at that time.”
municipalities, highlights the need to stop this
process to see how this facility may or may not be TIMELINE
required by the community going forward," said
Ramme. Rec Complex: What we know so far...
The Town's RFP states that "the successful
Misadventures proposal will be one which offers a well-defined, by Adrienne Tait community services strategic plan be developed,
feasible, and attractive plan for the property, in
in partnership with the Town of Edson.
which the Proponent has fully demonstrated its With all the facts, figures, dates, rumours, and April 19, 2016: Town agreed to fund 50% of
ability to provide sustainable long-term value to emotions that have been associated with the the Edson/Yellowhead County Community
Edson area residents". potential sale of the Recreation Complex we Services Strategic Plan.
Other concerns expressed by County include legal May 4, 2016: The bar and restaurant of the
access to the golf course, hampering the plans of thought it was time to review what we know so Recreation Complex leased to a third party.
far. The following is a timeline of what has led us
the golf course with respect to a land base for a to this point. Each of the dates and associated July 7, 2016: Edson's Community Services
club house if required, selling this community asset highlights are those at which the information was director Jim Desautels made a presentation to
at below market value, and over time having it made public via our newspaper, public council Town council regarding the Town's vision for the
removed from the public domain and turned into Recreation Complex as the “go to place” for
some non-community use venue. meetings, council minutes, or municipal media Edson and programming.
"As the County has not been privy to perhaps all releases. January 12, 2017: Director of community
the background information surrounding this September 16, 2014: The town received a services Jim Desautels reported ongoing issues at
initiative, it would be prudent for the Town to stand request from the Recreation Society Board for both Repsol Place and the Rec Complex including
down on this issue while the partners explore what $188,000, on top of the regular grant funding from the need for new lighting in the Rec Complex and
a new facility may look like, put timelines and Council, for funding to upgrade/repair the fire the age of the facilities making it difficult to obtain
costs to same, to ensure the community is truly on suppression system at the Recreation Complex. necessary parts at the Town Committee of the
side prior to divesting other assets," stated Ramme. October 6, 2015: The Town takes over Whole meeting.
"Rushing this initiative may not be in the best operation of the Recreation Complex as Rec June 20, 2017: Western Management
interests of either municipality, particularly Society takes steps to dissolve. Town of Edson
considering it is being offered at less than market began the process of taking over operation and Consultants presented their initial findings and a
value." ownership of the Recreation Complex October 1, review of the Edson/Yellowhead County
Community Services Strategic Plan.
The Town's RFP states the value of the property 2015 and managed the facility under the Rec
(land and improvements) in 2016 was assessed at Society during the transition period, until September 5, 2017: Town received an offer to
$3,444,840, although a subsequent condition- December 31, 2015. purchase the Recreation Complex from a private
sensitive evaluation reduced that figure to $1.99 February 16, 2016: Yellowhead County buyer. Council moved in-camera to hear details of
Committee of the Whole recommended that a the potential land sale and issued the following
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