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Town seeks volunteers for tax clinic

'Lending a hand to people who need it most’

by Mikaela Kuefler lending a hand to the people in your community follows: total income for one person must be less
who need it most," said Byers. than $30,000. For one person with one
The Town of Edson is currently looking for Community members interested in volunteering dependent, their total family income must be
volunteers to assist with the Community through CVITP will have access to online lower than $35,000 with an additional $2,500

Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) in training but should have some knowledge of added on for each additional dependent. A couple
Edson for the 2017 tax season. income tax preparation . "Over the past week we can have a total family income of $40,000 with
"We are still working with community partners have had two new volunteers express interest, an additional $2,500 added on for each
and volunteers to develop a new service delivery which is terrific! It takes approximately 30 days dependent.
model for CVITP. The tax clinic location and to get approved as a volunteer, so it's important Qualifying simple tax situations include those
schedule for the upcoming tax season, which to get that process started as soon as possible," with no income or those with income from
begins March 1, 2017, has not been established said Byers. sources of employment, pensions, benefits (such
yet. More detailed information will be shared as For more information on becoming a volunteer, as CPP, disability, CCB, EI, social assistance),
it comes available," said FCSS Manager Tanya please visit http://www.cra- RRSP's, support payments, scholarships,
Byers. or contact fellowships, bursaries, grants, or interest under

There are many benefits as a volunteer for Tanya Byers, FCSS Manager at the Town of $1000.
CVITP. "When you volunteer with the CVITP, Edson at 780-723-4403. If you are self employed, have employment
you are helping members of your community Anyone interested in using CVITP to help with expenses, have business or rental income and
maintain uninterrupted access to the benefits and their taxes, must have a modest income and a expenses, have capital gains or losses, file for
credits they are entitled to, such as GST credit simple tax situation. bankruptcy, or are completing a tax return for a
and the Canada child tax benefit. You'll be Income levels to qualify for CVITP are as deceased person, your tax situation is not simple
and you will not qualify for CVITP.

Jumpstart Program to host Zumba Night

By Mikaela Kuefler guardian. From 7 p.m.-8 p.m., “It's a really unique charity because opportunity to participate in story can tire
children from ages 12-18 can attend. it's entirely funded by the Canadian activities and who need financial
Participation is based on a $2 Tire Corporation. There are zero assistance. “In Edson, I know the
The Canadian Tire Jumpstart donation, going to the Edson administration costs. All the funds economy has been really hard so
Program is hosting a Zumba Jumpstart chapter. For every $2 raised, stay within the local there are probably a lot of families
fundraising night on February 3 at raised, the Edson Canadian Tire will community,” said Edson Canadian that could really use some help
Holy Redeemer High School. match the donation dollar for dollar. Tire store owner Lindsay Ullathorne. getting their kids involved in
Zumba night will have Sarah Participants will receive a water The Edson chapter started raising activities,” said Ullathorne.
Johnston instructing and is for bottle with information about the money shortly after the store opened Funds from Jumpstart can go
children under the age of 18. Ages 12 Jumpstart Program. in 2014. Funds are raised from towards transportation costs,
and under can attend from 5:30 p.m.- Jumpstart is Canadian Tire's donations at the cash register or from equipment, registration, and non-
6:30 p.m. and must come with a National Charitable Organization. Canadian Tire money donations. sport activities.
Canadian Tire and Marks Work Applications are based on a
maximum submission value per year,
EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY Warehouse often work together when per child and families can apply for
selling 'Red Ball Campaign' items.
The Red Ball Campaign items Jumpstart funding twice a year. The
include small hockey pucks, calendar year runs from January to
ACCEPTING keychains, or red balls. All of the June and again from July to
December. “Funding can be separate.
NEW proceeds from the sale of campaign It doesn't have to come out all at
items go towards the Edson
once,” said Ullathorne.
PATIENTS Jumpstart chapter. Funding is determined on a case
“We don't have a problem raising
by case basis. “We take other factors
in our new the money in Edson. We have very into consideration,” said Ullathorne.
generous customers that are happy to
For anyone interested in applying
location donate Canadian tire money. to the program, they can contact
However, we do have a hard time
Town of Edson FCSS Manager
5020 6th Ave. raising awareness for the program. Tanya Byers by email at
Since we're fairly new, it's hard to or they can go the
780-723-5221 get the word out to people, letting the town FCSS office to get an
them know that we exist and that
funds are available. We have a lot of application. Those wishing to apply
For an appointment please call money and we don't get a lot of online can do so at
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm applications,” said Ullathorne. ml#apply.
Jumpstart is for children aged 4-18
and is for those who don't have an
Bad Credit?
No Credit? Friendly
Divorce? & Will be held Friday February 3 at Holy Redeemer High School
No Cosigner? Confidential 5:30pm-6:30pm for ages 12 and under (with a guardian)
Pay Cut? 7pm-8pm for ages 12-18
Lower Your Interest?

I specialize in helping good people $2 donation to participate - all funds raised will be matched
by Canadian Tire, Edson
with bad credit. 100% of all funds raised stay local
I have the car you want
and the credit you deserve. Come have fun, sweat your buns off, and support a great
local charity!

Call/Text Dave Today
780-723-8167 5919 2 Ave, Edson, 780-723-6335
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