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Reflections members receive Christmas gifts ORDER OF

Reflections held their annual Christmas Lunch for members on December 17. businesses that have donated and each member will leave here today with a gift for FEATURE:
Marissa Fearnside, executive director at Reflections, said, "Many individuals Christmas. What has been really nice as well, we have had members that have
will be spending the holidays alone this Christmas, so I decided to see about walked in and said they wanted to donate towards the Christmas gift project on Century 21
getting donations for a gift for each of our members so they would have something their own," said Fearnside.
to open on Christmas Day." "Because we are an adult drop in centre, we have people coming in off the street Alpine Realty 3%
"We have had very generous people from the community, organizations, and who won't have a gift. So even if they are not here right now, as some can not make
it in, we will still make sure they receive their gift. We have 80 members signed up
here at Reflections and we have a lot of different things happening at the centre, Royal
and 2016 will be an interesting year for us all," said Fearnside.


The Day Care Society of Edson would like to thank the CENTURY 21
following businesses for their generous donations and

Marissa Fearnside with Reflections sits on the floor with members around support of our “Christmas Basket Raffle 2015.”
the Christmas Tree on December 17. photo Deanna Mitchener Divine Elements Oragami Owl Shoppers Drug Mart
Of The Earth Spa
Edson Seniors Transportation Tim Hortons Edson Honda Original Joe’s
Bench Creek Contracting Yellowhead Travel
Silkstone Environmental
Switzer’s Drugs
Society clarify misconceptions In Your Drawers Independent Grocers Riderz
Panago Pizza
Yellowhead Florist
Mark’s Work Wearhouse
Just Frame It
Western Legal
by Deanna Mitchener and we expect a lot of overnight trips out of Brookside Travel Fineline Stationery Funky Ford
Patterson Parts
Bannister GM
them," said Block. town. With just the one Jensen’s Men’s Wear Pat’s Safety Ltd. Quilters Quarters
Sandra Block director With the growth of bus, should it breakdown Thymes Two Kathy Smith Canadian Tire
Eclipse Hair Gallery
for the (ESTS) Edson Edson, the bus is busier for any reason, our Diana’s Pets & Trophies Claudette Blanchette Sid’s Safety
Seniors Transportation than ever. Operational individuals that depend Farmer’s Daughter Telecom West Edson Chrysler
Society says there are expenses are covered by on this service on a daily Mountain Steak & Pizza Spirits Liquor Store Smitty’s Restaurant
many misconceptions community fundraising, or weekly basis have to Morad Communications Sobeys Donair Zone
about what and who the grants and donations. find an alternative for Little Bees Papiery M&M Meats
E d s o n S e n i o r s "We are thankful for all their transportation,
Transportation Society those who help us to which is more costly,"
is. achieve the existing said Block.
"I am a volunteer and service. Expanding is "The bus runs from 9
would like to share some really not an option for a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday
information about our us. As volunteer board through Friday, except
little non-profit society. members we feel it's for holidays. The direct
The ESTS has been a beyond the scope of phone number to the bus To all 20 Winners!
non-profit volunteer dedication we diligently is 780-723-1122. If you
organization since 1984. give the ESTS," said call and happen to get
Our Mission Statement is Block. voicemail, please just Stephanie Tucker Janet Wilkinson Bilaey Ward
to provide accessible, "When the existing leave a message. It is Allison Velichko Mary O’Leary Nick Gremm
affordable, sustainable board was elected, they most likely the driver is Dorothy Graham Ryver Auger Tenley Wenzel
a n d c o u r t e o u s were sure to keep the old helping a wheelchair Judy Tailby Amy Smith Kim May
transportation service to buses up to date by DOT clients. The driver will Candace hintz Lynette Klute Ashton Lawson
persons over 45 years of standards, CVIP, regular return your call," said Kayla Haluza Paige MacDonald Brenda Nelson
Mary Plante
age and individuals with maintenance, new tires Block. Sheila Buckle
permanent or temporary etc. Eventually the bus
disabilities," said Block. repair expenses were
"The purpose in my costing more than was
view of the ESTS, is to feasible to run the bus.
help give mobility- Here we decided as a FEATURE
challenged people in the board to give 110% and
community opportunity try to raise enough money
to have some level of to buy a new bus, which is PROPERTY
independence, since over $100k for an 18
most family of these passenger lift bus. Then
people work in the we could retire the oldest MLS 31181 Lot 18 3.0 +/- Acres $165,000
weekdays when the bus bus. Within two years our
runs. We feel medical volunteer board did MLS 31185 Lot 22 4.1 +/- Acres $164,000
appointments of all sorts indeed get a new bus MLS 31188 Lot 23 4.1 +/- Acres $159,000
generally happen when t h a n k s t o m u c h MLS 31189 Lot 24 2.9 +/- Acres $164,000
our bus is running and fundraising, grants and
helps meet the needs of g e n e r o s i t y o f MLS 31195 Lot 34 3.2 +/- Acres $259,000
clients," said Block. community," said Block. MLS 31196 Lot 43 3.9 +/- Acres $104,000
"We aren't able to run At present ESTS is MLS 31197 Lot 48 3.5 +/- Acres $174,000
the bus on nights, fundraising for a second
weekends or holidays as new bus, as they expect MLS 33045 Lot 49 2.5 +/- Acres $149,000
the labor costs would riders to increase with the MLS 33044 Lot 50 2.89 +/- Acres $149,000
increase immensely. I am new hospital and an aging
sure anyone who has their population.
own business can attest to "We would like to have
the fact that labor is one both of our buses in top
p a r t o f m a n a g e shape, and not to
expenditures. We try to disappoint riders by ever 5016 4th Avenue
keep the bus going and having to cancel trips. R
our drivers are the only The second ESTS bus is 780-723-3100
paid employees, which is in need for many
the only way the ESTS is different reasons. Having
able to go on. And trust a second bus would allow
me when I say, our for private bookings for
drivers are not overpaid our seniors for day or
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