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Emergency crews responded to 13

motor vehicle 911 calls Sunday

by Adrienne Tait had hit the ditch. often be a minimum of it would be helpful to towed once it was safe needlessly dispatched.
When calls come in 20-30 minutes away. RCMP members and to do so. "People don't want to
Emergency responders through 911 police, Chegwyn said he emergency response In one incident over stop because they fear it
were kept busy on ambulance, and fire understand if people do personnel if people the weekend RCMP had is a safety issue," said
Sunday December 28 as crews are all dispatched not want to stop out of would get a better six calls to five different Sgt. Poitras, "We can
they responded to 13 in case it is a serious concern for their own description or location locations which all understand that. You
highway incident 911 incident. safety but recommends for any motor vehicle turned out to be for one need to be comfortable.
calls. C h e g w y n that even if you stay in accidents. Helpful accident. In each But we would love
“We want to make sure recommends, “If you your vehicle to “have a information would situation the callers people to get an actual
people are ok,” said think it's important good look.” include licence plate gave slightly varying bearing."
county fire chief Cory enough to call 911 then In one incident crews numbers, an exact location details (such as Should you choose to
Chegwyn, “People were it should be important were called to assist a location, and including 10 minutes, 20 minutes, stop, Sgt. Poitras
driving by and calling enough to stop. If vehicle that had already a point of reference. or varying kilometres recommends making
911. It can become someone is in distress been checked and taped. Sgt. Poitras also noted out if town.) The result sure you are able to pull
problematic in terms of the intervention that “If there is tape there it that the presence of was a number of far enough off the road
volume.” will do the most good is has been checked.” yellow tape is an emergency services to do so safely.
C r e w s w e r e o u t what you can provide.” Edson Sgt. Jack indicator that the scene p e r s o n n e l b e i n g
between 11 and 13 Despite best efforts Poitras concurred with had been attended and
hours for vehicles that emergency crews can chief Chegwyn and said the vehicle would be PART-TIME OFFICE
Nojack hotel burns to ground HELP WANTED

at the Weekly Anchor
by Adrienne Tait buildings on the property had been vandalized. Friendly customer relations and ability
The landmark hotel was built by Jack Webb and
The Nojack hotel burned to the ground in the early served as a boarding house for transient workers to work with others required.
morning hours of Christmas Eve. The call came into before being converted into a hotel. The boarding Will train suitable person.
the fire department at 5:16 a.m. Crews remained on house design with 16 upstairs rooms and two common
scene until shortly after noon and returned to address a bathrooms remained until the hotel was issued an
minor hotspot around 2 p.m. order to close by Alberta Health Services on April 26, Please apply in person with resume at the
The incident has been deemed a “suspicious fire” and 2013. Weekly Anchor
is currently under investigation. The first floor of the building had been renovated 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson
“The hotel has been unused and unoccupied for a through the years and housed a bar, restaurant, and (Email resumes will be accepted
number of years,' said county fire chief Cory Chegwyn kitchen space. Additional washrooms were also added. Attn: Publisher)
who noted there was no power or gas to the building It served as a meal stop for the greyhound bus service
and typical “accidental sources didn't exist.” for years and was a landmark along the Yellowhead THE WEEKLY
As the building burnt it fell and collapsed into the Highway corridor.
basement. Chegwyn said responders noted that other ANCHOR

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Walter Tkachuk December 24.
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