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Youth Interagency Bowling sponsored by Weekly Anchor

Over 50 local kids join in on free bowling, fun and snacks

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believe in themselves.
Seeing the potential in each and every youth to
become a more confident and caring individual,
the Interagency offers programs and drop-ins that
are always enjoyable, in a safe and supervised
"Our January winter programming just came
out and we have a whole bunch of exciting
activities happening over the winter months, so
please check everything out," added Currie.
Jini Materi, Yellowhead County Recreation
Coordinator and volunteer with Youth
Interagency said, "Bowling is always one of our
more attended activities for the youth so we
know they enjoy coming out for it."
"Generally we focus on youth ages 11 to 17,
but a few of the activities do include some of the
younger kids," said Materi.
Stephanie Fossheim said, "I am just dropping
off my niece, step-daughter, and a cousin to
enjoy some time at the bowling alley. The girls
have taken part in many of the activities offered
through Youth Interagency. I think its fantastic, it
gives them not only an opportunity to get away
from electronics but to be together and interact, Youth from ages 11-17 were at the Edson Bowling Alley enjoying snacks and some bowling
rather than being behind a screen. It gets them matches during the Youth Interagency Free Drop in Bowling event sponsored by The Weekly
out of the house and keeps them off the streets Anchor on January 3. photos Deanna Mitchener
and into programs that are being offered. I wish
they had this sort of thing when I was younger."
Edwin Findlay (24) is an employee with the
Edson Bowling Alley. When asked what he
thought about youth having this kind of
opportunity, Edwin said, "It is awesome to see
the kids out doing something together, it is a lot
more fun than some people may think. I do a lot
of bowling myself on the Sunday night league.
You meet new people and have some laughs and
fun together, you can challenge yourself by your
scores, or just play the game and have fun."
A few of the youth bowling were just in town
visiting over the break. Stephanie Reid said, "I
am here with two young girls from out of town
that are visiting so this is our first time and I
must say I am very impressed that there is such a
group that does this sort of thing for the youth.
This is a great way for kids to mingle and meet
others, they have a great thing happening here."

Youth from ages 11-17 were enjoying some fun and conversation during the Youth Interagency
Free Drop in Bowling event sponsored by The Weekly Anchor on January 3.

Gage Bixby (11) gets ready for his delivery
during the Youth Interagency drop in free Youth from ages 11-17 who were at the Edson Bowling Alley for some fun and bowling during
bowling that was held on January 3, 2018. The the Youth Interagency Free Drop in Bowling event sponsored by The Weekly Anchor on
event was sponsored by the Weekly Anchor. January 3.
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