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Edson RCMP warn public

regarding male committing
indecent act IN M

On July 7, 2015, Edson RCMP the information provided to us, Motorcycle Safety:
received a report that on at least we believe that the male may
two occasions within the last return to the area to commit younger motorcyclists
The deadline three weeks, a male has been further indecent acts. While we
The deadline
observed masturbating in the continue our patrols of the area incur higher collision rates
for ads is trees along the Edson trail in anticipation that the male may
for ads is
system near the airport during
return to the area, we are
Tuesday at 5pm daylight hours. The male was requesting the assistance of the
Tuesday at 5pm
public to remain vigilant and
last seen committing the act
prior to yesterday during the noon hour. report any suspicious activity
prior to
The male is described as a
along the trail system such as
Monday’s Caucasian in his late teens to this.
Please contact the Edson
early twenties riding a small
BMX bicycle. On one occasion RCMP Detachment immediately
publication. the male was wearing a red t- by phoning 780-723-8822
shirt and green shorts; on the (during business hours) or 780-
other, the male was wearing a 723-8800 (after hours) if you
green t-shirt. have information relating to this
Due to the time delay matter, if you observe the
associated with the reporting of suspect committing further
the offence, RCMP Members offences, or if you observe any
were unsuccessful in locating or other suspicious activity.
Shari McDowell starts her new role as president for the Edson Rotary Club identifying the male. Based on
on July 1 this year. Shari accepts a cheque from Narendra Des, RBC Bank
Manager for $1,000 on June 26. photo Deanna Mitchener

Motorcycle Safety: younger motorcyclists

incur higher collision rates

by Deanna Mitchener collisions. For drivers of other vehicles,
share the road, look twice for
David McKenzie, Regional Traffic motorcyclists at intersections or when
Safety consultant says, "The month of July changing lanes, never underestimate the
is focused on Motorcycle Safety. Motorists IN MOTIONIN MOTION speed of a motorcycle, their size makes
need to understand that in the summer their speed deceptive," said McKenzie.
months there is much more traffic and The objective to road safety is to get all
motorcycles on the roads. Motorists need to "Head injury is a leading cause of death in folks to where they are heading safely so they can
pay extra attention with more traffic, and always motorcycle crashes. A rider with a helmet is 37% carry on with their day.
come to a complete stop, and look both ways even less likely to incur a fatal injury in a crash than a
if it is a one way street." rider not wearing their helmet. The younger the
"We all play a role in motorcycle safety. On a
UPCOMING motorcycle a rider is vulnerable. Be aware of motorcyclist, the higher the collision rate.
Motorcycle riders age 16 to 17 years had the
EVENT motorcyclists on the road and give them the space highest involvement rate per 1,000 licensed
REMINDER they need,” said McKenzie. motorcyclists," said McKenzie.
"Always wear appropriate gear to provide an
Over a five year period 3,415 motorcycles were
involved in casualty collisions, resulting in 155 optimum level of comfort and safety with an
deaths and 3,548 injuries. Two fifths (41%) of approved motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle operators
motorcyclists involved in casualty collisions need to stay out of blind spots and make sure other
committed an improper action. More than half drivers see you. Be alert at intersections, make eye
(59.5%) of these errors were running off the road or contact with other drivers before making your
following too closely. One fifth (20.4%) of move. When it comes to other drivers, your speed
motorcyclists involved in a casualty collisions were can be easily misjudged,
traveling at a speed too fast for the given ride defensively and (780) 723-4717 5535 3rd AVE EDSON
conditions. In fatal collisions half of the riders were make every effort to
traveling at unsafe speeds. Nearly two thirds enhance your visibility.
(59.0%) of collisions involving a motorcycle Be aware of what is
resulted in death or injury, this compares to going on behind you to TRUCK & AUTO ACCESSORIES
Proudly Serving Edson since 1996
approximately one in 10 for all collisions. avoid deadly rear end *NOW DOING UNDER-COATING

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