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Province moves forward with royalty review

No terms of reference for review have been set

by Adrienne Tait structure the province should have in place. July on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
The news of the royalty review followed a improve energy efficiency, and promote innovation.
On June 26 the Alberta Minister of Energy Marg previous announcement that an advisory panel to The advice of both the climate change and royalty
McCuaig-Boyd announced that the NDPs campaign inform the government's climate change strategy, to review panels will be considered prior to
promise to conduct a royalty review was moving be chaired by Dr. Andrew Leach, has been “thoughtful decisions” being made regarding the
forward. Dave Mowat, President and CEO of ATB established. royalty structure.
blind view Financial, has been appointed to chair the review together was one that was stressed throughout the from that done by the PC government in 2007,
The need for energy and environment to work
When asked how this royalty review would differ
At the time the announcement was made it was not
window known how many panel members would sit on the news conference. “Collaboration is key,” said McCuaig-Boyd said, “I'm not familiar with the old
review and what that process was. But in talking
“It's important to talk about outcomes and that will
fashions review board and no terms of reference had been be part of the work as we put the panel together and with industry they're pleased to be engaged and
consulted and that's advice we have gotten along the
Mowat will begin by compiling a list of possible
April 27 panel members for consideration and said he would work with the minister to get a sense of what way. Look at the whole industry together.”
While there was no set timetable for either the start
outcome we're trying to achieve,” said Mowat, “I
or conclusion of the review they hope to have the
don't think you can talk about energy without
be looking for, “smart, creative people who know
every 3 weeks after that the business….Those who understand the issues and talking about the environment so the fact that completed review by the end of the year.
Further steps in the royalty review will be
Leach's program is going is a positive thing so we
are able to engage.”
May 18 of Albertans and stakeholders on what royalty can craft what outcome we are trying to do.” announced later this summer, which will include
The panel will be responsible to listen to the views
The climate change panel will consult Albertans in
how Albertans can participate.
June 8 New baler at Edson Recycle Depot
June 29 Blind View Sizzling Summer Savings
Sizzling Summer Savings
July 20 Window Fashions by Deanna Mitchener keeps repeating that cycle between 1,000 to 1,200 through the baler to @ BANNISTER GM
pounds when they come
until it gets to a certain
bundle and wait for
out all tied. All bundles
mass. The baler knows
The Edson Recycle
shipment to the larger
2014 BUICK
August 10 Custom Window Treatments Depot has a new baler for w h e n t o s t a r t get stock piles until we facilities," said Bayley. EXL, A $
have enough to call in a
its recyclables.
automatically tying the
WAS 49,999
since 1988
August 31 equipment operator, is bundles. The door will truck to transport it to NOW 38,499 A14-361
Connor Bayley, their
V a n c o u v e r o r
come up an injector-ram
September 21 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember excited about the new will push the bale out and Washington. The same is
done with newspapers and
baler they just got set up
ties itself,” said Bayley.
office pack, they all go
October 12 and working since the Bundles are “anywhere
third week in June. "The
new baler is working great
Bubble Play
November 2 with a few minor tweaks, Young children love bubbles, they
nothing major, we had to
November 23 work through. It sure like to try and catch them and blow
them, a great way to bring children
bales the loads a lot faster
together even if they don't know each
December 14 than the old one. And we other. Blowing bubbles is another fun
don't have to tie the
way to work on a host of
bundles anymore, which developmental skills too. Fine motor skills coordinating two hands to hold the bottle
is nice," said Connor. and dip, holding the small bottle while opening and closing lid. Visual tracking skills
"Staff loads all the by following where the bubbles go, hand and eye coordination, sensory processing
cardboard onto the skills and so much more. They are a cheep way to keep little one entertained for
conveyor belt, from there hours. Refill bubble container with liquid soap and water and you are ready to go
the conveyor belt takes it again.
up and drops it into the Basic Homemade Bubble Recipe - 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing
hopper. The cardboard liquid.
builds up until the sensor Deluxe Bubble Recipe - 1 quart (4 cups) warm water, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup
kicks off the conveyor of dishwashing liquid. Combine the sugar and warm water, stir until the sugar is
fully dissolved, then add dishwashing liquid, stir again then store in a airtight
belt and tells the ram to container. The sugar makes the bubbles last longer.
start pushing forward. It Mason Beck, Jonah Kuzmic, and Connor Bayley Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes out to all the libraries for all the
starts compacting the in front of the new baler at the Edson Recycling wonderful activities they have for the whole family. Visit our facebook page - Early
cardboard forward and Centre. photo Deanna Mitchener Childhood Matters
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loving energy! I Sid's Safety
love to chase
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