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Evansburg battered by hail storm

by Dana McArthur Lynn Webster, manager of the
Pembina Valley Golf Club in
During the sweltering heat on Evansburg, said, "We had some
Sunday, July 9 a severe cart damage from the large hail
thunderstorm watch was in effect stones we got. We also had
that included the Evansburg area damage to the greens on the
in Yellowhead County. By late course and are just out repairing
afternoon the storm struck them now."
battering homes and vehicles. "We've kept a few of the stones
"The storm that came through for insurance to see. But a lot of
produced hail the size of pool the cars that were out here that
balls," said Sandra Cherniawsky, night sustained a lot of damage. It
Yellowhead County Councillor was unbelievable, it just hit so
for the area. "It was short lived so fast," said Webster. "Lots of
thankfully crop damage was blown out windshields and hood
minimal." damage by the golf ball and pool
There was extensive vehicle ball size hail stones coming
damage including cracked down."
windshields as well as some back The Club is in the process of
windows completely destroyed. sanding and reseeding some of
Margo Stewart, with Lefty's the greens. "The greens took
Auto Glass in Evansburg, said, substantial damage. They looked
"We've been getting quite a few like Swiss cheese. The greens
calls from people who got their were in such beautiful shape and
windshields broken. People are its going to be a few weeks before
still dealing with their insurance we see a full recovery," said
but we've had at least a dozen Webster.
calls so far." Residents also experienced
Most of the calls have been for damage to their homes which
windshields, "but we've had calls included siding, shingles,
about car side windows too. A lot backyard gazebos and
of the calls people have greenhouses.
mentioned body damage to their "I think we were very lucky that
cars as well," said Stewart. "I'm it was not a prolonged hail storm
sure we'll be hearing from a lot or we would have seen a lot more
more. It must have been scary for devastation," said Councillor Giant hail stones battered the Evansburg area during a severe
those caught outside in it." Cherniawsky. thunderstorm watch on July 9.



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