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Local Survival Instructor receives highest honour


The 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group and the Karamat Wilderness
Ways Staff along with Honorary Lt Col Jim Shockey (with the red Stetson)
during the Enhanced Wilderness Living Skills/Survival Course held June
3-10 near Wildwood.
Mors Kochanski recently received Honorary
Canadian Ranger in the 4th Canadian Ranger
Patrol Group. pictured are LtCol Russ Meades,
Mors Kochanski and Diana Kochanski.

Local Wilderness Living Skills/Survival
Instructor and Author Mors Kochanski
received an award that is the highest in the
Country —Honorary Canadian Ranger in the
4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.
Kochanski is widely known throughout
North America and Europe for his extensive
work in outdoor education, survival and
wilderness living and currently participates
in the intensive week long wilderness
living/survival courses as a Master Instructor
with Karamat Wilderness Ways, in

“The more you know,

the less you carry...”

Mor's passion for the Northern Forest and
his desire to learn everything about it has
made him one of the world's foremost
authorities on Boreal wilderness skills and
survival. He popularized the term 'bushcraft'
and coined the familiar saying “the more you
know, the less you carry”.
A long time resident of Peers, Kochanski
has been involved with the Junior Forest
Warden Program for the last 30 years
inspiring wardens and leaders. He was also
an outdoor education instructor at the
University of Alberta for 25 years.
The other people who have received this
honour include the Duke and Duchess of
York along with Former Prime Minister of
Canada Stephen Harper.
The award was presented during the
4CRPG enhanced wilderness training at
Karamat Wilderness Ways.
Karamat Wilderness Ways was created by
owners Randy and Lori Breeuwsma when
they joined forces with Mors Kochanski as
the wilderness instructor. They teach a wide
variety of outdoor courses on wilderness Our friendly and experienced staff
living and survival. have the answers you need.
Call us at 780-723-2355
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