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Upcoming Graveyard Tour hosted by Galloway Station Museum

Events by Miranda L'Hirondelle passed away in 1925 after a series of men George Blycha, Martin Sprella,
The explosion took the lives of five
William Ilecko, Peter Phillipino, and
The group continued the graveyard
The Galloway Station Museum took
July 14-21 people on a history tour of the tour with more interesting people like Tony Pastushuk. The funeral was held in
Register for the Glenwood Cemetery on July 6. Harvey Switzer who opened up the Edson since Hinton didn't have a
Red Brick Arts Kierra McKay, Miriam Kirkham, and pharmacy H.A. Switzer and Co., which cemetery. “It was said it was the largest
Centre Blast From Shari McDowell with the Galloway is now known as Switzer's Drugs and is funeral ever to be seen in Edson with
the Past program, Station Museum brought people to the currently managed by Harold Switzer, over 60 cars following the funeral
where children ages Glenwood Cemetery and shared the great-grandson of Harvey. procession to Glenwood Cemetery,” said
5-10 will have tons information they gathered for a part of Edson even had its own moonshine McKay.
of fun and learn their free Historic Speaker Series held bootlegger they called Jack the Frog Edson closed all stores to show
about the good ol' the week of July 3. during the Prohibition Ban starting July respect for the dead and all five men
days by playing They looked through old town 1916. His real name was John were buried in a communal lot.
games, making newspapers, micro film, ledgers from L'Heareux and his personal stash was As of now there are a total of 4,202
crafts and distilled twice and over 100 proof burial locations available in the
participating in the town, and even family interviews to alcohol. The locations of his stills are Glenwood Cemetery. When all the plots
various day gather all their information for the tour. unknown today. “John L'Heureux died are filled there is still enough space for
activities. The People were shown the plots of some three more sections of 56 blocks of 8
camp will run from important and interesting people buried in 1956 and it is rumoured that he hid
1-4 p.m. starting in Edson. The tour started at the oldest his moonshine in the muskeg around plots each and more columbaria. “We
Monday July 17 sites believed to be in the cemetery. The Weale to keep it safe from the still have a long way to go before we
and ending Friday first was Edward Briggs who died on authorities,” said Kirkham. start worrying about that, approximately
July 21. Please November 6, 1918 and next to him was The group was told the story of the 400 years,” said Kirkham.
contact the Red Hilmer Lundquist who passed on the Glenwood Cemetery and the four Glenwood was not the first cemetery
Brick Arts Centre 10th of that same month. “It was unknown people buried there. There is in the area, there was a temporary burial
for more extremely bad luck to be the first burial no record at all for one of the four, no place near the old hospital and many
information at 780- in a cemetery but I'm going to assume date of death, and no gender or age. The unregulated burials during the
723-3582 or they meant it was bad luck for the burial was discovered when the town construction of the railway. The old family,” said Kirkham. tried to dig a grave and found that there Edson cemetery was located out of town
Next was the grave site of Gilbert was already a body in the plot. on the Grande Prairie Trail and the first
July 20 "We have a monument in our burial listed in the Cemetery Register is
Join Kate's Kitchen Lawrence (who is known as the dated to January 17, 1913 with no plot
for their free lunch godfather of the cemetery) he was graveyard that is also known as an number provided.
at St. Catherine's elected as the first mayor of Edson on obelisk. This was donated by the United
Anglican Church December 20, 1911. He said if he was Mine Workers of America. On March However the local newspaper
(617 Main Street) elected mayor he wanted to build a 30, 1938 there were 10 men working indicated the site was used as early as
on the 3 Thursday cemetery. He was true to his word. The night shift at the Hinton Mine and February 1912 when an obituary for
of each month from first reference of the old Edson cemetery tragedy struck when an explosion Mary McKeever was made (Date of
11:30am – 1:00pm. being used is February 1912. He held occured approximately 2200 feet from death being February 10, 1912) and she
All welcome. the mayor's office for two years and the mouth of the entrance," said McKay. was buried in the new cemetery near the
Grande Prairie Trail.
July 24-27
There will be a
Vacation Bible
School for children
ages 5-10 starting
on July 24-27 at
6:30 – 8:15pm. The
theme is: Voyage of
Grace – Where
Faith is Your
Anchor. The
evening will be
filled with Bible
teaching, singing,
crafts, games and
cool snacks. It will
be located at the
Edson Baptist
Church (4717 – 9
Ave). To register
call the church at
780-723-3982 this
is a free event.
July 26
Bring out your
skateboard, scooter
or bike for the Free
Skate Park Luau at
7 p.m. - 11 p.m.
There will be
music, wiener
roast, Hawaiian
punch, water
balloons, tiki
torches and games
available for people
to enjoy.

See Classified Page for
monthly meetings Kierra McKay, Miriam Kirkham, and Shari McDowell stood in front of the Glenwood Cemetery in Edson on July 6 for the
and activities Graveyard Tour during the Historic Speaker Series. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle
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