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Volunteers help spruce-up Surprise Lake Camp


Approx. Misadventures
1,000 sq. ft.
1,000 sq. ft.

110 - 50 Street
110 - 50 Street



blind view

Deanne Stabile, Arthur White Owl, Jennette Stabile, John Ahlf and Lawreen Ahlf during the open door
window fashions Fix-it Fun weekend they held at Surprise Lake Camp on July 8 and 9. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle P INSTALLATIONS P
* Furnaces Replacement
and event area that could host outdoor music
by Miranda L'Hirondelle
2017 Ads Surprise Lake Camp spent the weekend of July festivals and group bookings and on the weekend * Furnaces/Air Conditioners Edson Funeral Home
* Residential Heating Packages
of July 8 volunteers and friends show up to help
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with renovations and cleanup of the structures
8 and 9 cleaning out and fixing up their buildings and facilities. * Electronic Air Cleaners
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
and cabins to revamp the kids summer camp into There was a fire on the Saturday of the event As per Sue
a rental and event facility. and people came out and enjoyed themselves and * Sheet Metal Work
The camp was started by Rev. James and Marg sang songs around the fire. A pancake breakfast FREE ESTIMATES
Norquay and a host of dedicated friends and was available on the Sunday for the public to On right hand side
July 31 volunteers in 1951. It was always a semi- come out and enjoy. Email: of the page
wilderness camp where campers and staff lived
"A big thanks to the fix-it/fun crew," said
close to nature.
It started out with tents, and some rustic
August 21 buildings that served as the cookhouse and White Owl. "You are awesome and then 4640 3 Avenue Authorized Dealer Phone: (780) 723-3553
Edson, AB T7E 1C2
Fax: (780) 723-3552
We had a great weekend
lodging for the cooking staff. Over the next few
years, countless hours of volunteer labour, out at the camp with
friends and family
September 11 enthusiastic staff and campers, fundraising, working together to get a
ongoing maintenance, and a support network of
lot of things ready for
local businesses and various United Church
* Furnaces Replacement
October 2, 23 congregations saw the vision grow into reality. camp rentals. It was good
to meet some alumni who
The camp is on a beautiful little 'bog' lake just
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
brought their kids. I saw
* Residential Heating Packages
east of Edson and served for many years as a
four generations of camp
* Electronic Air Cleaners
destination where people would gather and
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
November 13 experience nature and living with others in a fun involvement in our own
* Sheet Metal Work
and safe environment.
Musicians from Spruce
Over the 65 years of its existence, the fortunes
of the camp have seen many peaks and valleys. Grove teamed up with
December 4, 25 There were a number of families with multi- talented alumni to put
some local well known
generational involvement which helped and there
some magic into the
were many individuals who hung in filling board
or staff positions making camp work the best evening campfires.
they could. There will be new
#4501-4502 - Arthur White Owl, Deanne However, the past numbers of years have seen activities to experience
Stabile, and Jennette Stabile stood on the deck of big changes in the Surprise Lake Camp kid's while at the camp
one of the many cabins at Surprise Lake Camp summer camp program. Aging facilities, lack of including art workshops,
Blind View for the open door fix-it fun weekend that they effective maintenance, declining camp enrolment music, family gatherings,
Window Fashions held on July 8 and 9. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle and volunteer involvement, lack of funding, and they are trying to
competition from other better funded camps and make it so people can rent
the many changes in our society contributed to the cabins and do any
improvements to them
#4503 - Deanne Stabile, Arthur White Owl, its slow downward spiral. that they see fit.
Jennette Stabile, John Ahlf and Lawreen Ahlf Arthur White Owl is the owner of the Surprise They have kayaks and
Custom Window Treatments stood by a large rhubarb plant in the camp for Lake Camp and he has a lot of childhood and canoes available for
since 1988 even adult memories tied in with the camp and
the open door fix-it fun weekend that they held he was even baptized in the lake. “The one thing people to use on the lake
at Surprise Lake Camp on July 8 and 9. photo I remember most about the camp is the music,” or you can bring your
own. They also have a
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember Miranda L'Hirondelle said White Owl. homemade sauna and a
780.542.0898 "It was pretty clear that we could not keep big fire pit that people
on doing the same things we have always can use.
done and expect different results. The The work bees will
options were pretty clear. We could close the continue and it is hope
more volunteers will
camp down permanently or change our come out to lend a
direction and focus of the camp. It was helping hand as a venue
unanimous that we try a new direction," said like this so close to Edson
White Owl. would benefit the whole
Arthur has a new vision for the camp as a rental community.
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