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Significant developments in Town Annual Report

The Town of Edson has just released its Annual of the new memorial bench program. Planning
Report outlining the changes and direction of Engineering Over the past year, Planning began a complete
town services. In the report town CAO Mike Along with the Engineering Department's list of review of internal processes to ensure they are
Derricott states that with Town Council passing its infrastructure upgrades including, Edson approachable, easy to deal with, and clear in
Strategic Priorities last summer they have worked Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and the expectations to developers. In past years, the
diligently to review the town's process and Deep Utilities Upgrade / Replacement project, the processing time for a typical subdivision was three
programs to ensure they are meeting the vision department has been working with consultants to to six months. Administration reports that, in the
laid out for the community. see how the Town can harness green (solar) past six months, turnaround times have averaged
Mayor Greg Psychny states, “Edson continues to energy to run its facilities. The plan is to see how less than a month.
grow, despite a downturn in the economy. Our the Town facilities can either be fitted with solar The full report can be viewed on the town's
diversity keeps us strong.” panels or install a solar power generating system website.
Significant developments in the report include at a designated location and generate solar power
Community Services that has undergone some sufficient to cater for the Town's needs and into
significant changes in past few years with several the national grid. BILL MITCHELL
long term employees retiring. Tanya Byers was Enforcement Services
appointed to the role of FCSS Manager replacing The Enforcement Services department is now Sales Representative
Elfie Montanus as the FCSS Coordinator. As well, working out of the Protective Services Building
Athena Tymofichuk has moved into the role of (Fire Hall). This new change is designed to align
Community Services Administrative Assistant. On the officers with the Protective Services Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
the recreation side, two new positions have been Department. Enforcement Services is moving 15205 - 112 Avenue
made out of the former Recreation Coordinator forward with an education, information and
position. Edson now has an Arts, Culture and enforcement approach. This proactive approach is Edmonton, AB T5M 2V7
Recreation Coordinator, Krysta Hawboldt, as well designed to create a system where they can be
as an Arts, Culture and Recreation Programmer, sure residents are informed of our current bylaws
Alicja Broda. and have the knowledge to ensure compliance.
This summer Talisman Place will be changing
names to reflect the larger corporate sponsor name Toll Free 1-800-252-7500 Fax: 780-447-5317
of Repsol Place. Phone: 780-453-452 Cell: 780-984-2224
This year the town will be engaging the services EDSON DRY CLEANERS
of a consultant to create a Trail Master Plan. This
process will see public engagement consultation
and a comprehensive plan to set the course for
trail building and maintenance for the future. It
will also address tying the Town's trail system $20 off
with a potential regional trail network to link
Willmore Park with Edson.
Community Services is once again continuing its All F/R coveralls
partnership with the Edson Cycling Association.
They are providing a grant and assisting efforts in (Until July 29, 2016)
trail and mountain bike facility creation. Together
they plan to create one of the best Mountain Bike
Parks in Western Canada with the potential that *On-site seamstress for
Willmore will be the largest free access Mountain all your needs*
Bike Park in Western Canada.
Parks is also undertaking the Centennial Park
Caboose refurbishment project, continuing with
the development of the Hillendale Phase II Park,
and new benches on Town properties with the start
Dawson Sibley (9) has his face painted in 110 50 Street, Edson
support of Aboriginal Day by Kathy Hicks.

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