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West Yellowhead Recycling Society

canvassers take to the streets

Yellowhead Recycling Society canvassers from left to right are Dallis Cartwright, Mackenzie Burnett, and Janai Redman.
have as well. In the future the West Yellowhead total, paper contributed to 22%, and 21% of the
In the months of July and August, employees Recycling Society aims to use this information to total was food waste. In the graphs associated
from the West Yellowhead Recycling Society improve their services. with these figures, “other” signifies waste that
will be surveying communities in the West A report from Stats Canada concluded that was not recyclable in the waste diversion
Yellowhead. The canvassers will mainly be industrial, commercial & institutional, IC&I, programs. The charts that have been used are the
targeting the commercial sector in Edson, waste made up 49% of the total waste in the most recent available.
Hinton, and Jasper. In Niton, Peers, Wildwood, province. Residential waste contributed to 24%, A significant portion of the waste generated
and Evansburg, however, the canvassers will while construction & demolition waste made up within Alberta is non-residential. Since
mostly be focussing on residential areas. the last 27%. substantial portions of the non-residential waste
The society aims to gather information about Another report, the 2005 Provincial Waste is recyclable, reports indicate non-residential
the types of waste being generated and how Characterization Framework, stated 33% of IC&I sectors present areas for vast improvement.
they're being handled. The canvassers will also waste was paper. In comparison, Alberta's Residential areas could improve as well Shandy's Dream for a Cure surpasses goal
be asking about the collection methods being residential waste was largely made up of yard according to some reports, particularly when it
used for garbage & recycling. Employees will be waste, paper, and food waste according to the comes to handling yard waste, food waste, and
inquiring about any recycling barriers individuals same report. Yard waste made up 31% of the paper.
are experiencing and any suggestions they might

Alberta's Waste Composition Alberta’s IC&I Waste Composition

(Provincial Waste
Framework, 2005)

A report done by Sonnevera International Corp. composting, while an additional combined 25% Yellowhead Recycling Society will lastly be
in 2010 for the Town of Edson and Yellowhead could have been recycled. The report reminding businesses and residents that there are
County similarly reflected that waste diversion demonstrated that although it was clear many alternatives when it comes to handling organic
could be improved. 34% of Edson’s overall Edson residents recycle and divert yard waste, waste and recyclables.
residential waste could be diverted by there was still room for improvement. The West

(Town of Edson/Yellowhead County Solid Waste
(Provincial Waste Characterization Framework, 2005) Management Review Final Report, 2010)
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