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A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on

The Scene The Scene


Upcoming Renewed hope for progress says ACES

Events by Adrienne Tait the very preliminary stages, so all options focus have sparked renewed hope for
Meetings with town administration “very positive”

president Peter Taylor.
individuals, including Mr. Desautels,
June 22-August 17 With the Town of Edson looking at are always being considered,” said ACES progress. Taylor said, “These
Green Shacks Play in increasing program and facility options at Taylor said ACES is currently wish to see some new facilities and
the Park Days at the Recreation Complex it is natural for considering a “scaled-down” version of programming in the community. They
Early Childhood Edsonites to wonder where that leaves their original project with the hopes of understand it takes time, but it also takes
Matters. Outdoor fun local arts center society ACES. developing something more affordable. planning that starts now. We have met
and activities using Over the past nine years ACES “This concept would still have to meet with these people and it's exciting to see
different equipment. developed a plan and has worked towards the vision and mandate of ACES - we they wish to start something. This doesn't
don't want lose sight of what we set out
First day is June 22 obtaining approval to build a new theatre to do. We have had some very mean we're hitting the ground tomorrow,
1:30-3 pm. at facility at the Recreation Complex which but these are all steps in the right
July 30-August 1 Glenwood 5A would coincide with needed repairs to the preliminary meetings - more direction.”
Peers Gold Dust Daze Avenue; June 29 at facility. brainstorming meetings - with Town Developing plans and facilities that are
at McLeod Valley Recent meetings with Town Administration to hear both sides of ideas multi-use is better for everyone involved
Recreation Grounds Westhaven Corner of administration have been “very positive” with what a scaled-down project might said Taylor who is also looking forward
north of Peers. Great 12 Avenue and 60th according to both parties. look like, where it could go, how much it to the results of the regional survey.
family friendly Street. “ACES only official plan that we have would cost, and how we could proceed “Town Administration is going to have a
weekend packed with is the attachment of a new theatre to the with it. Obviously, there are a lot of regional survey within the next few
events including July 21 Rec Complex. That said, ACES is always moving parts to this and we are just months (once again this demonstrates
talking right now, but it's very positive,”
slopitch, parade, kids Kate's Kitchen free considering other options as well. If the said Taylor, “It may not be 500 seats, but their efforts to see new programming and
events, bench show, lunch at St. Town wishes to proceed with an indoor it's going to be new and have all the bells facilities here), we want residents to have
their say. We have been working on
Catherine's Anglican
horse pulls, show & play structure at the Rec Complex then and whistles that our community getting a new theatre for nine years, it's
shine, river races, Church from 11:30-1 ACES may look at other options. Or deserves.” time to have our say and make this dream
horseshoe tournament, pm. All Welcome. perhaps there may be possibilities of Changes in town administration and come alive.”
beer gardens, gold combining the two. Everything is still in
panning, fireworks and July 24
much more. Event is Rotary Sunday in the Entwistle Rodeo brings in the crowds
free. Park Play in the Park
free concert and
July 30-August 1 refreshments. by Dana McArthur -steer riding, breakaway roping, and
Kinsmen Slo-pitch barrels 13 to 15- steer riding,
Tournament at Vision July 24 The 32nd Annual Entwistle Rodeo breakaway roping and barrels.
Outdoor Movie “The
They also held Chicken Scrambles
Park. was held on July 2 and 3 hosted by
Jungle Book” at the Entwistle Light Horse & Rodeo and Pig Races for the kids. “You
August 12 RCMP Centennial Association. With over 260 entries don't always realize how many kids
are there until they all come out into
the rodeo was packed with events.
Edson Community Park from 9-11 pm. The event was a Central Alberta the arena for the chicken and pig
Garden from 1 to 3 pm. Rodeo Association approved rodeo scrambles,” said Cindy Miller with
Enjoy various activities July 25-29, August and members from CARA and local the Rodeo. The chickens and pigs
such as flower planting, 2-5, 15-19 competitors entered from across were brought in by Harvey Norman,
bug exploring, pet rock Blast From the Past Alberta, northern BC, Nebraska, New from Vernon, B.C.
painting and more. See for kids 5-10 years Zealand, and Australia. The crowd loved Squirrley Early
the worm compost, old. 1:00 – 4:00 pm. “We had a very successful rodeo. Anderson the rodeo clown with his
build a bird or bat Contact 780-723- The attendance was great on Saturday antics, crowd-pleasing rodeo humor,
3582 for more
house to take home and and very good on Sunday and we and bullish heroics.
learn about the species information. thank all that came out to watch the The Rodeo Association made a
in the garden. action,” said Inez Miller, with the special presentation of an
Followed by a barbecue July 25-28 Entwistle Rodeo. embroidered jean jacket to Roy Catt,
and refreshments. Edson Baptist Church Major events included Saddle of Roy Catt Water Hauling, for 32
Bible School takes bronc, bareback, bull riding, ladies years of volunteering and water

August 13 place from 6:30-8:30 barrels, steer wrestling, tie down hauling to the rodeo stock. A thank Kids scramble after a chicken during the Annual
Entwistle Rodeo held on July 2 and 3. photo Jenna
you also went out to everyone who
Gospel Jam at Niton pm at the church roping, team roping, and ladies cow helped make the event possible. Hobbs of Hobbs Photography
riding. The stock contractor for the
Junction Hall outdoor 4717 9 Avenue for event was Triple Diamond Rodeo. “The Entwistle Light Horse &
facility from 3 pm to 9 ages 5-10. Theme is The High point winner was Jewel Rodeo Association is a small group of Life is nifty after 50!!
pm. Free admission Expedition Norway. Pollock who won the Ladies and volunteers and we are always looking
and concession To register call the Peewee Barrel Racing. for more members and families to
available. Rain or church 780-723-3982. Junior events included 12 and under help put on the rodeo each year,” said
Paul Radcliffecliffe
shine! this is a free event. Cindy. Paul Rad
August 14 July 28 Rock Camp Alberta hits the stage July 17
July 22
Rotary Sundays Edson Youth July 22
Community Pig Roast Interagency White This year's Rock Camp Alberta School Division have been taking
at Centennial Park from Water Rafting Trip, will be taking place on July 17 as part in an intensive music program
1-5 pm. Jasper. This event is
open to anyone 11 to part of the Rotary Sundays in the at the Palisades Stewardship
August 31 15 years old. Park summer event series. Education Centre called Rock Camp
Alberta. This year, the program,
The rock camp will hit the stage
Youth Interagency Register online at Love or in person from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Edson which has been around since 2009,
at the Town of Edson Centennial Park. has partnered with Edson Rotary
office. There will be four bands playing Sundays to put on a free concert for your
throughout the day - Scarlet the town to conclude the camp.
Accolade, The Dirty Channel, These kids have been working on family
Thrash Thrasher, and Krash Sight. high caliber music all week and are
See Classified Page for The bands will be playing three to ready to perform in a professional
monthly meetings five songs each. setting.
and activities
For the past nine days students This is a free community event,
from Grande Yellowhead Public and everyone is welcome!
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