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Code of Conduct bylaw

reviewed by County

by Dana McArthur complaints lodged against a councillor
and although it is not clear the
A draft of a Code of Conduct bylaw direction the province will take, this
governing Council members was draft bylaw utilizes the role of an
reviewed at Yellowhead County's Integrity Commissioner as an
Committee of the Whole meeting on independent authority to deal with
July 18. The code will be made complaints. It can and will change
based on the final regulation approved
available to prospective municipal
Misadventures candidates in the upcoming election. by the province," said Ramme.
The code will apply to the mayor
Administration was not seeking to
and all members of council. The have the bylaw approved only to make
purpose of the code is to provide a it available to Council and prospective
formal document setting out candidates so they can get a feel for
expectations and support for a high what the required bylaw will look like.
standard of Councillor conduct and to The actual bylaw will not be presented
prevent ethical conflicts and assist to Council until the regulations have
their resolution. been proclaimed by the province.
The code covers everything from Councillor Shawn Berry said, "I'd
social media and confidentiality, to like to express this council has and
respect of differences and penalties continues to be very judicial as far as
that can be imposed. conduct and we have done a really
"The [Provincial] Minister is also good job so far. I'm really glad this
drafting regulations dealing with will be put in the package for people
matters to be addressed in the Code of who want to run, and if they are
Conduct. [County] Administration has fortunate enough to get elected, they
reviewed the draft and has based this have rules to follow."
draft bylaw on the drafted Mayor Gerald Soroka said, "I've
regulations," said Jack Ramme, spoken to people in the past who have
County CAO. said to me 'what's the bare minimum I
It is not anticipated the provincial have to do if I get on council?'
draft will change significantly or at all. Technically, now, the bare minimum is
"Candidates elected to a four year term to attend one meeting every two
should have advanced notice of these months. Is that the kind of councillor
provisions," said Ramme. you want? This gives the council
"At this point, AUMA [Alberta options, even to say we are not going
Urban Municipalities Association] has to pay you."
lobbied the province to consider an Council concurred to move ahead Lauren Leslie and Brooke Grycak set up in front of Edson Family
'Integrity Commissioner' as a with making the Code of Conduct Dentistry selling iced tea, lemonade, and goodies recently as a way to
mechanism for dealing with information available. help support the Brain Tumor Foundation in memory of a good friend
who lost her life to it, Shandy Reichenbacher. submitted

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