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County hosts Bear Chase Youth Triathlon

by Miranda L'Hirondelle of 9:25, with a time of 9:29 Berg Felsing and their families that attended. In addition to
received third place, and fourth place winner Ava coordinating the entire event, the Yellowhead
Yellowhead County organized the Bear Chase Kerr had a time of 9:41. County Parks and Recreation Department also
Youth Triathlon which was held at Bear Lake The triathlon ended with two kids competing in hosted a bouncy castle following the race and an
Campground on July 13. the 12 and 13 year old race which included a outdoor movie “The Sandlot” at the campground
The triathlon started with a swim, then the kids 100m swim, a 3km bike race and ending with a later in the evening.
had to hop on their bikes, and finish the race with 2km run. First place went to Axell Kerr with a They are planning on holding this event again
a run. “This gives kids an opportunity to try time of 18:14 and second place went to Anya next year for kids to participate in. “This was our
something new, an event they might not have Moffat with a time of 19:18. first time giving it a try and we were expecting
access to otherwise,” said Jina Materi with They had hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit kabobs, 30 kids maybe, and ended up having 70,” said
Yellowhead County. sports drinks and water available for the racers Materi.
The event started off with ages five and under
(the youngest being three) competing in a 15m
swim, 1km bike race, and a 300m run.
First place was won by Cambell Acorn with a
finish time of 7:29, followed by Amzin Acorn in
second with a time of 7:30, third place was given
to Sancho Moffat with a time of 7:55, and fourth
place was won by Lilyan Shaw with the time of
Next in line was the six and seven year olds
who had a 25m swim, 1km bike race, and a
300m run. First place went to Coen Acorn with a
time of 5:55, second place winner was Ezra
Acorn who wasn't far behind first with a time of
5:57, third place was Cragen Wulff with a time
of 6:31, and fourth place went to Baya Martin
with a time of 6:33.
The third race was eight and nine year olds
racing against one another in a 25m swim, a 2km
bike race and a 600m run. First place was won
by Rory Moffat who had a time of 9:42, Tyrell
Singh came in second with a time of 10:13, third
place was taken by Clara Vanderkooi with a
finishing time of 10:42, and fourth place was
won by Dylan Kvatum with a time of 10:47.
Ten and eleven year olds were competing next
with a 50m swim, 2km bike race and a 600m run. Kaelyn Moffat (10-11 age group) running up to the finish line to take second with a time of 9:25
Jaxon Acorn won first with a time of 9:08, and Berg Felsing (10- 11 age group) right behind her to take third with a finishing time of 9:29 for
second place went to Kaelyn Moffat with a time the Bear Chase Triathlon at Bear Lake Campground on July 13. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle



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