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PAGE 10 MONDAY JULY 25, 2016

Times Fun for Kids

Girls “Get Out

and Get Active”

at camp

by Callie Hermanson

The Edson Youth Interagency held their five day
girls summer camp “Get Out and Get Active” for
girls aged 9-14 from July 18 to the 22 at the Red Girls in the 'Get Out and Get Active' camp were excited to go out to the Niton Green Grove Swimming
pool July 20 including: Celeste Boman, Kyra Brodersen, Jenai Casavant, Hailea Charlebois, Lea
Brick school. Chomiak, Isebella Crozier, Erin Frazer, Mekha George, Paron Germann, Brooke Grycak, Melissa
It was an action packed camp full of fun, fitness, Hamilton, Xenia Nedova, Kennedy Richardson, Deanna Schroeder, Zoe Schwitz, Christina Steil,
and friendship. Girls had an opportunity to try a Elizabeth Testo, and Justine Tymofichuk. Camp leaders included: Ali Broda, Jacqui Currie, and Brianne
variety of activities that got them off the sidelines Fahlman (missing Allison Roth).
and into the game. Everyday there was a different
activity, with some being offsite. nurse who works with Youth Interagency, said, “I On Wednesday the girls did some snack making at
On the first day a schedule of the week's like working with the kids and Youth Interagency. Holy Redeemer High where the girls made fajitas
activities went home to parents and guardians to let I've been with them since 2006 –so ten years.” and cupcakes and then went swimming at the
them know what there girls were up to. Lunch was Roth said activities they have done or will be Niton outdoor pool.
to be provided each day to give the girls much doing include Inflatables, pickleball, and the Spray On Thursday the girls are going out to Willmore
needed energy so they could continue to have fun. Park (which happened on Monday). Outdoor Park for some fun and on Friday out to the Rotary
Allison Roth, a camp leader and a registered games and a canoe ride in Hinton were on Tuesday. Park in Whitecourt to add to the fun.

Boys in Motion at Youth Interagency Camp

by Deanna Mitchener

Youth Interagency held their week long Boys in
Motion Summer Day Camp from July 11 to the
They had an action packed week full of fun and
exciting adventures that took place despite the rain
Edson had. Leading the boys camp was Jacqui
Curri, Ali Broda, Tayler McCallum, Ryan Gray, and
volunteer Carter Grant.
Tayler said, "On Monday we hung out with the
inflatable at the arena, then went to the movies
because it rained. Tuesday was canoeing at Grave
Yard Lake in Hinton. It was really nice and we
spent the whole day there. We did some tipping of
the canoes for practice as the boys all had their life
jackets on." Later the boys got into some water
wars with water guns so it was a fairly wet day
even without the rain.
"Wednesday we did indoor pickle ball and Nerf
gun wars. Thursday we did cooking at Holy
Redeemer High School, and spent more time at the
arena playing some floor hockey then went out to
Willmore Park here for the afternoon," said Tayler.
Activities at Willmore included catch the flag, man
hunt, going for a hike on the trails, having a
barbeque, and doing some survival bracelets. This group of boys took part in the week-long Boys in Motion Summer Day Camp along with their leaders
"Friday we will be going to the Rotary Park in from Youth Interagency Jacqui Curri, Ali Broda, Tayler McCallum, Ryan Gray. and Carter Grant
Whitecourt," said Tayler. (volunteer). photo Deanna Mitchener


Makayla Fossheim is eight years Ava Kiland is eight years old.
old. Makayla says “I like Ava says “my favourite subject
coloring, my favourite colour is in school is art, my favourite
purple and my favorite food is food is pizza and my favourite
macaroni and cheese. My color is purple, I want to be a
family wants to get a trailer so veterinarian when I grow up and
we can go camping this finish school. This summer I’m
summer. It would be so much looking forward to going fishing.
fun camping in a trailer for the I don’t help cleaning the fish but
summer.” I help eat them.”

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