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‘Got Your Six’ Charity Rifle Competition

by Mikaela Kuefler

On July 16-17, the Longest Mile Range hosted
its largest competition, the 'Got Your Six' charity
rifle competition. Approximately 75 people
registered for the sold out event and 200 people ORDER OF
attended the range over the weekend-long
competition. FEATURE:
The 'Got Your Six' charity competition mission
was to raise awareness towards post traumatic
stress disorder due to organizers, as well as Century 21
various competitors, losing friends and family to
the disorder. "We're making people aware that it Alpine Realty 3%
could happen to anybody. You don't necessarily
have to be a soldier going to war to get PTSD,"
states event organizer, Tony Burton. Royal
Burton, along with George Woodland,
organized the competition and rented the range
for the weekend after hearing about the range's
facility and size. The range is known to be one of
the largest in Canada.
"When Tony approached the Edson Fish and
Game Association a year ago to host the
competition, both sides were excited to do what
they could to make it work. The range attracts
people from all over the province. It's a first class
facility by any standard," says Membership
Chair/Range Safety Officer Giles Merriott. FEATURE
The event style offered competitors to shoot
precision rifle with pistol. Competitors had the
opportunity to shoot on a long range at 1600m, a
medium range with 500m targets, and the pistol
bay at the 'F' class range. Competitor for the ‘Got Your Six’ shooting competition, Jay Lajoie, engages his target at
On the long range, targets appeared at 100m the longest mile range southwest of Edson, on July 16-17. photo Mikaela Kuefler
increments, starting at 300m. During the course
of fire, various targets were called out for ALPINE
shooters to engage. services and much more. of friends to PTSD, so when this opportunity
The medium rifle range had an offset range, After the Saturday shoot, the event also offered came up I told Tony that I wouldn't miss this
shooting slightly to the left at a 500m target. a pig roast. "It's been fairly smooth sailing. competition for the world.”
The Pistol Bay has a movable firing line and "Everybody seems to be happy and having fun.
provides shooters with flexibility. Instead of We're looking forward to
having targets at a fixed range, shooters can having annual
adjust their firing line. "Shooters really enjoy the competitions in the COUNTRY PARADISE!
pistol bay because they're not mandated to set up future," says Burton.
in a specific position. They can set up an Proceeds from the
assortment of course fires," reports Merriott. competition tallied over
The bay can also accommodate an obstacle $3000, and will be FEATURE
course as the course of fire, enabling people to donated to the Wounded
set up obstacles for people to run around or jump Warriors program. This
through. They do this armed, with targets they amount does not include
have to engage throughout the course of fire. some remaining
The competition was a fun shoot keeping the donations and the sales
scoring simple, giving the competitor one point from the competition t-
for every hit and tallying it up at the end of the shirts. "We'll be picking
event. Competitors shot their choice of calibers a different charity every ROYAL
during the competition, ranging from a 0.223 year. Next year, we plan
caliber to a 50 BMG. on raising donations
Shooting result at the end of Sunday, list Bob towards firefighters," MAKE 2016 THE YEAR TO GROW MORE OF YOUR
Chafe and Matthew Hnatuk tied for first place reports Burton. OWN FOOD! This remarkable country property comes
with 72 points. Mike Friesen came in third place Competitor, Jay Lajoie, with it "ALL"…..9000 sq ft of growing area
with 71 points. who has competed with (greenhouses and a 1/2 acre of raspberries), a 2008
Prizes for the event included a semi automatic Burton in the Canadian
12 gauge shotgun with a custom paint job, a National Championships double wide mobile and a guest cabin. The home
$500 gift certificate towards a scope, gunsmith stated, "I've lost a couple features 3 full bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, has an 8'x12'
sunroom and a 8 ft wrap around deck. The 320 sq ft
guest cabin is self contained, complete with its own
EDSON’S FULL SERVICE kitchenette & bathroom making it perfect for guests
REALTY FOR ONLY 3% or as a rental. Included are 2 chicken houses, 2 utility
780.723.5550 sheds, stock waterer, 3 hydrants, and so much more.
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