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County installing new pump tracks

and outdoor space upgrades in hamlets

by Dana McArthur consultant and this direction request is a follow- playground use 63%, and camping/RV 59%. The
up to that,” said Read. The draft report includes survey also asked what factors prevented or
During the Yellowhead County committee of projects proposed for each hamlet and cost hindered use of county's facilities. Response
the whole meeting on July 19 council was estimates. Administration asked for changes, and included: lack of appropriate facilities 59%,
presented with a Parks and Outdoor Spaces Plan if council supports the draft being developed into facility condition 56%, and distance/location 29%.
as part of the county's strategic priorities. working plans. Some of the projects in the Parks and Outdoor
Presenting the plan was Christopher Read, the County's survey of residents included Spaces Plan are already underway including pump
county's director of Community Services. questions on their most popular outdoor activities tracks in Evansburg, Wildwood, Niton, and
“Council has received the report from our with walking for leisure and exercise 74%, mountain bike/multi-use trails in Brule along with
several other improvements and playground BILL MITCHELL
upgrades in several communities. A pump track is Sales Representative
a structure which bikers, skateboarders, scooter
riders, and roller skaters of all ages use a pumping
motion to propel themselves around the track. Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
Any further parts of the plan that Council wants 15205 - 112 Avenue
to see moving ahead would be included in the
2017 or future budgets and would be part of that Edmonton, AB T5M 2V7
year's balanced budget.
Although items are numerous, highlights of the
plan proposes a new community information sign
and pull-out in Cadomin along with improved
access to the playground, and development of Toll Free 1-800-252-7500 Fax: 780-447-5317
trails. Phone: 780-453-452 Cell: 780-984-2224
Evansburg plans include the addition and
improvement of its ball diamonds, and
improvements to Tipple Park.
The proposal for Marlboro and Millers Lake
includes a new BMX/pump track, a permanent
park shelter, new toilets at Millers Lake and
upgrades to the playground.
In Niton plans include replacement of the rink
surface and boards, and installation of
Peers proposal includes development of a trail
system along the creek, along with the new pump
Initiatives proposed in Robb include
development of a loop trail system at the old
Tipple site, along with several other new trails and
Wildwood plans include upgrades to the ball
diamond, and a substantial investment for
Shari McDowell with Rotary was kept busy serving free hot dogs during the July 17, Rotary activities for children.
Sundays in the Park that featured Rock Camp Alberta. photo Deanna Mitchener The plan also calls for a uniformity and better
use signage throughout the county.
Mayor Soroka said, “Let's say council says yes,
IF a Postal Lock-out or Strike occures You can pick up we love everything, how much are we actually
able to accomplish?” Read replied, “If you
a copy of the Weekly Anchor at the following locations: [council] said it was to be added to work plans
then we would base it on budget and capacity to
do the work beginning with the 2017 budget.”
“Walking trails are number one with residents,”
-Peers Food Mart inside
EDSON Red Street boxes beside: -Peers Food Mart inside said Read. When concerns were raised about
EDSON Red Street boxes beside:
or -Red Box beside
-Edson Post Office -Royal Bank,
-Edson Post Office -Royal Bank, or -Red Box beside volunteers taking the lead for trail build, Mayor
Peers Food Mart
-Treasury Branch -Medical Centre Peers Food Mart Soroka said, “I very much appreciate volunteers,
-Treasury Branch -Medical Centre
but in order to make sure it's done safely and done
-Wildwood Red Box
-Wildwood Red Box properly, it's good we can intervene.”
beside Post Office
Also Available inside: beside Post Office Councillor Shawn Berry said, “I really like this
Also Available inside:
-Niton Red Box beside
-Independent Grocer -Niton Red Box beside plan, especially the trails. People love trails.”
-Independent Grocer
Councillor Jack Williams asked, “Are we taking
postboxes near A&W
-Shoppers postboxes near A&W these plans back to the communities for input? It
-Evansburg Red Box
-Sobeys -Tags North -Evansburg Red Box may be they do not want the added tourists some
-Sobeys -Tags North
of these plans may bring.” Mayor Soroka agreed
beside Post Office or
-Weekly Anchor office
-Weekly Anchor office beside Post Office or that community buy-in was critical.
inside Super A Foods
additional papers available at various inside Super A Foods The proposed parks and outdoor spaces plan
restaurants, and businesses throughout the area will be brought back for further discussion at
Council's strategic planning session this fall.

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