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Signing of revenue sharing agreement carried

by Adrienne Tait making the offer. from the accountability clauses may be sent to
As was in the amended agreement the county arbitration and “The arbitrator selected shall be
The Revenue Sharing Agreement between the presented last fall, they have requested a registered member of the Association of
Town and County was once again on the table acknowledgment of the county when the town Arbitrators and Mediators of Alberta and shall
at the July 19 Town council meeting. uses the funds from the agreement for not be a resident or tax payer of the Town or
Very little discussion was held regarding the operational expenses or projects. The county the County.”
A local resident said they came signing of the agreement other than to say the has also requested the town provide an annual Should a dispute arise relative to
home from work one day and revised agreement is a reflection of the accounting of the fund allocation by May 1 of interpretation or implementation however the
someone had left a sign and discussions that took place at a joint meeting the subsequent year. two parties will strive to resolve the issue
little gnomes all around their between the Town and County. An additional change to the agreement was through written notice and negotiation.
tree stump. The work had such Mayor Greg Pasychny said the meeting was a with regards to dispute resolution. The The motion to sign the agreement was carried
detail and character from a positive one and wished to thank the county for agreement now reads that and dispute arising unanimously.
bridge to a hot tub and pool, that
they wanted to share a picture.
photo Deanna Mitchener
Advertising benches to be brought back with proposal

by Adrienne Tait negative reaction from the public should Alpine an issue with the benches but with the
Exposure be prohibited from advertising on maintenance of the benches and stated, “I quite
The issue of whether or not to enter into a new public lands but Magnet Signs be allowed to like the Canadian tire bench because it is used as
agreement with Alpine Exposure regarding the continue advertising in those same locations. a directional sign. It serves a function.”
placement of advertising benches on public Mayor Greg Pasychny, owner of Magnet signs, Councillor Tammy Strang said she believed the
property was a topic of discussion at both public recused himself prior to the discussion and the Town has the opportunity to “step back and look
presentation and council reports at the July 19 vote to avoid any bias or influence. at the big picture.”
regular council meeting. Councillor Janet Wilkinson said, “Our Mayor Council defeated the original motion not to
Alpine Exposure owner Troy Sorensen attended does have a company in direct opposition but he enter into a new agreement and carried a
the meeting and presented council with a number has never once tried to encourage us or sway us subsequent motion for the matter to be brought
of concerns and a proposal to resolve the and he has excused himself every time.” back to council with a proposal by the end of
potential issues. Six of Alpine Exposure's benches currently sit September.
“I wish the Town would view me and other on public lands at no charge to the company.
business owners as assets instead of obstacles to Community services director Jim Desautels
policy,” said Sorensen, “It would have been a spoke during the council reports portion of the
much better approach to call me and ask me to meeting and said part of his position was to look SPRING SPECIAL ON
come in to discuss your concerns.” at Edson from a beautification perspective and RADIUS EDGE DECKING
Alpine Exposure's contract with the Town from one welcome sign to the other park benches
expired two years ago but when Sorensen asked were consistent. 5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
for a renewal he was advised to maintain the “The Town as a whole and my department in decking available.
decking available.
Pure Lodgepole Pine.
“status quo” while the subject was reviewed. particular pays for advertising. When my Pure Lodgepole Pine.
Sorensen told council he believed their department pays for advertising it is for events 8’ at $3.54 each;
8’ at $3.54 each;
10’ at $4.43 each;
recommendation contained negative wording. In and those advertisers are working for us. With 10’ at $4.43 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
his written submission Sorensen stated, “The the benches we derive no funds. They are on our 12’ at $5.94 each;
statement that advertising benches 'are not property but they are not advertising our events. 14’ at $6.93 each
14’ at $6.93 each
suitable for being used as functional benches' is The motion is not to prevent advertising. It is to
totally false and shows a bias of the writer prevent clutter. Those boulevards, for the most Yellowhead ellowhead 780-723-9525
against my business.” part, are public lands,” said Desautels. Wood Products Inc.ood Products Inc.
Sorensen also believed there would be a Councillor Jim Gomuwka said he does not have

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