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Property owner Year end summary for Theft complaints top

seeks $98,000 Lobstick 4H club list of RCMP calls

reimbursement by Ashtyn Chessall June 19-25 saw 115 calls for service

Our club had a mini-show with our steers
dating back 36 years and heifers for a practice run for the new by the Edson RCMP detachment.
Topping the list of calls was 18 Traffic
members of the club earlier in May. It was Collisions.
Other calls included 16 Traffic
by Dana McArthur also a chance for the leaders to see how our Complaints, 14 Theft Complaints, 13
animals would behave in a show situation.
A Peers property owner's request to Council for Our club's Achievement Day was on May Mischief or Damage, 8 Suspicious
reimbursement for local improvement charges and 29 in Drayton Valley at the Omniplex along Persons or Vehicles, 6
interest for his property that date back to 1982, was with the Lin-Berry-Buck and Two Rivers Harassment/Criminal Harassment, 5
discussed at the June 27 meeting of Yellowhead beef clubs. Assistance Calls, 4 Fail to comply
County Council. All three clubs worked together to make w/conditions, 4 Mental Health Act, 3
The property owner is seeking reimbursement of show day a huge success! Everyone had a lot Animals Calls, 3 Drugs, 3 Fraud, 2
over $98,000 arguing that the local improvement of fun showing their hard work to the judges Alarms/False Alarms, 2 Assault, 2
charges against a property he inherited should and audience. The auction was held at 7 pm Drive while unauthorized, 2 Family
never have been levied as the lot in question did not Relations, 2 Lost/Found Property, 2
have a service to property line. for the steers. Wellbeing Check, along with various
"This issue revolved around the 1981 installation The woodworking club had Achievement other requests for service.
of the sewer system in the Hamlet of Peers. Local Day on June 3 showing the group finished
improvement charges are levied to pay for the main projects that were built throughout the year.
line and lagoon that was constructed to provide for
the service. Not all local improvement projects tie
the service to the property line," said County CAO
Jack Ramme.
County Administration advised the claim should
be dismissed for several reasons including "Over
36 years has passed since the installation of this
main line and any appeal provisions relative to
Local Improvement Charges expired over 35 years
ago," said Ramme. "The 'As-Built' drawing showed
many lots were not serviced to property line, likely
only those that had existing dwellings at time of
Councillor Jack Russell asked, "Am I to
understand that a local improvement was put
through, everyone paid the same, and someone
chose not to have the service brought to the
property line? It doesn't make any sense to me."
"I'm speculating here, we are talking 37 years
ago, but in a lot of cases even now, some people
decline to have water services put to their
property," replied Ramme. "It was never contested
or questioned at the time it was built."
The motion was carried that Council advise the
property owner that it does not concur with his
findings and that he may wish to seek legal
guidance as he does not accept the previous
findings of the municipality.
Council Highlights:Road Access Deadline
Council granted an extension for the construction
of a new road access as part of the
subdivision/development process at SW 10-55-7-
W5. The current access is an old oil-lease approach
that does not meet County standards. The new
access will need to be completed by October 15,
Public Golf Course Rezoned
A second and third reading was held for Bylaw
6.17 that rezoned a property located south of Hwy
16 near Millers Lake from Rural District (RD) to
Recreational Use District (RUD). The RUD zoning
will allow for a proposed public golf course on the
Subdivision Bylaw Passed
A second and third reading was held for Bylaw
7.17 for a property east of Edson (Part of the NW
19-53-16-W5M) that redistricts it from Rural
District (RD) to Country Residential District
(CDR). The rezoning allows a five-acre subdivision
to be separated from the current seventy-acre
Property Tax Agreement
Yellowhead County has entered into a property
tax agreement with Questfire Energy Corporation
to collect their 2017 property taxes.
Horse Holding Lease Consolidation
Council approved the consolidation of two 3.1-
acre leases in Brule to be joined into a 6.2-acre
lease. In terms of size, this puts the combined areas
in line with the other horse holding leases in the
hamlet. The lease amount will be $300 per year.
The next Council Meetings is July 25, 2017. The
next Committee of the Whole Council Meeting is
July 18, 2017. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the
Council Chambers.
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