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continued from front RCMP Investigate Pedestrian Collision
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factors with the assistance of a When that is the case, there are compromised sight lines that could be aware of your surroundings and
RCMP Collision Reconstructionist. rules that govern the relationship be created by static objects or make eye contact at intersections to
Police are requesting anyone with between pedestrians, vehicles, and stopped vehicles. Police urge you to help ensure the safety of all.
knowledge of this occurrence who the crosswalk. Simply, pedestrians
has not already spoken to an should always cross at an
investigator to contact Edson intersection. When they intend to do
RCMP at (780) 723-8800. so, they should apply the point,
Edson RCMP want to clarify some pause and proceed principle.
information regarding unmarked Motorists, after a reasonable
crosswalks in the Town of Edson. amount of time to respond, must
2nd and 4th Avenue (Highway 16) yield to the pedestrian who has
in Edson are not treated any indicated their intention or entered
Misadventures differently than any other street or the crosswalk in a safe manner. If a
avenue in town when it comes to
pedestrian has not signalled their
crosswalks. Nearly all intersections
have crosswalks, which can be intention, or entered the crosswalk,
they do not have the right of way.
either marked or unmarked and can Regardless, there is nothing that
exist even if there is no improved pardons pedestrians or motorists
sidewalk shouldering the highway. from exercising diligence and
What is important is that the area is caution for others or themselves.
ordinarily used by pedestrians, Everyone should be aware of
which would be the case in most potential hazards, such as other road Edson RCMP and EMS crews attend the scene of a serious motor
urban areas. users, number of lanes and vehicle collision involving a pedestrian that occurred on Highway 16 in
the Town of Edson on June 23. photo Sue-Ann Common

Town discusses photo radar and pedestrian crossings

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recipients are not photo radar are from significantly until safety along 2 and 4 approval and be in said, “I like the traffic
local. Since the non-residents. The top recently when the 2016 avenues. One concept cooperation with pedestrian lights better
program's inception the four are: the speed limit town revenue was being considered is Alberta Transportation than traffic lights.”
highest percentage of within Edson is too $695,000. pedestrian controlled a n d A l b e r t a Bevan said that any
Diagnostic Company local recipients was in slow, “a peace officer All of the revenue traffic lights. These Infrastructure as 2 and time the traffic along
a v e n u e s a r e the highway stops even
t h
2007 – the program's might have let me go,” received by the town is traditional red, yellow, 4
Must stay on page 2 first full year- with 23% photo radar is not directly used to offset green lights would stay provincial highway. for a short amount of
Mayor Pasychny said time it backs up quite
of tickets going to local e ff e c t i v e , a n d / o r policing costs. Mayor green unless activated
As per Sue residents. Since then complainants consider Pasychny said the 2016 by a pedestrian. he believes Edson quickly. “Traffic backs
numbers would have
Any potential change needs at least three safe up for a long ways after
that number dropped it a “cash grab.”
and has remained low T h e r e v e n u e paid for roughly 6.5 or addition along the places to cross. a minute, minute and a
with 15% of recipients generated from photo RCMP positions. corridor has to receive Councillor Bevan half.”
being local in 2016. radar tickets is shared S/Sgt Peter King said
“Our local residents are with 30% going to the the department did an
getting the message,” province, 30% to the audit of the signage in
said Schram. town, and 40% to the the various speed zones Sid's Safety
The number of tickets contractor. Schram around town and found
awarded decreased said, “It is important it lacking. Since then
significantly after the people realize that t h e s i g n a g e h a s & Janitor al
initial year until 2015 w h i l e t h e t o w n increased. With
and 2016 when it oversees the program regards to whether or
spiked. One theory for the contractor assumes not photo radar is
the increase was the a l l o f t h e c o s t s effective S/Sgt Kind 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
change in the economy, including hardware, said, “There is no doubt Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
the lower dollar, and a resources, capital, that it has a drastic Email:
push from Jasper labour, and court costs impact on people's
GUARADIAN RADIOLOGY tourism meant more associated with the driving habits. I can A complete line of cleaning and disinfectant
say with certainty it
people travelling program.”
In 2007, the highest does change driving
through to get to the
MUST STAY ON THIS PAGE park. year to date, the town's behaviour.” products for at home or on the job.
Chief Schram said
Schram said the most share of the revenue
common complaints was approximately Protective Services is
r e c e i v e d b y t h e $ 7 6 5 , 0 0 0 . T h a t looking at ways to
AS PER SUE department regarding d r o p p e d o f f address pedestrian

Shalyne’ Arron Jami Batog

Passed on June 30, 2016

You’re our angel in the sky guiding our way,
shining bright never fading away.
Loved and missed by Mom, Tyson, Britt, Rylee, Jayden ,
Grandma & Pa and Aunts, Uncles your niece and nephews.
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