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Celebration of music at Rock Camp Alberta

by Miranda L’Hirondelle produce recordings, and perform in a rock show students must apply in person, or in a video.
on the final day of camp. “A program like this is They also have to pay tuition for the camp and
Rock Camp Alberta held its 8th annual Rock not possible without highly trained and some individuals and businesses have supported
Show at Pine Grove School on July 23 to committed instructors,” said Kolotyluk. scholarships for the students.
celebrate the final day of camp. The program is available to drummers, bassists, There were a total of six bands this year and the
Rock Camp Alberta has operated a summer guitarists, keyboard players, vocalists, and horn instructors decide who will be in a band together
music day camp for Alberta youth since 2009. players (trombone, trumpet, saxophone) who by looking at their skills and knowledge. “The
The program is designed for participants to have want to participate in the nine day overnight instructors are Grande Yellowhead teachers and
the opportunity to improve their ensemble and camp. The participants must be 15-19 and be they have their own band called ‘The Mad
performance skills in an intensive camp setting. entering grade 10, 11, 12 or currently completing Jacks’,” said Kolotyluk.
Misadventures “It not only increases their music abilities but grade 12. “There are a large range of abilities, Jasper and the students stayed there from July
The camp is located at the Palisade Centre in
also lets them work on their teamwork,” said
some people have been playing for five years,”
Shannon Kolotyluk one of the Co-Directors who
founded the camp in 2009. said Kolotyluk. 13-24. The students can earn Alberta High
This year there was 23 participants in the camp. School credits in Rock and Pop and a further two
Participants receive instruction on their Program acceptance is determined by a CTS credits in leadership and survival.
individual instrument, rehearse ensembles, successful audition and instrumentation and the

Rock Camp ROCKS!

Members of 'Santa Claus is Dead' Leah Webster (Evansburg), Sydney Waddell (Hinton), Gracie Lawrence (Hinton), Clinton Reilly (Edson) and
Trinity Nelson (Evansburg) performed in the Rock Show at Pine Grove School for the Rock Camp Alberta on July 23.

Members of 'Cranky Crustaceans' Alana Loutan (Hinton), Braden Gauchier (Hinton), Daniel Lee (Korea/Edmonton), and Nian Krismer
(Edmonton) performed in the Rock Show at Pine Grove School for the Rock Camp Alberta on July 23. submitted
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