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‘Summer Blast from the Past’ at the Red Brick

by Deanna Mitchener so some days we might be making
our own snacks, so the kids can take
Richelle Jesse is excited to be part in that," said Jesse.
hired on as a summer student at the "I want to try and incorporate the
Red Brick. She will be the Red Brick as much as I can so I have
coordinator for the Summer Blast some theater games and we may
from the Past. even do a talent show on the last day.
"The camps run Monday through There will be scavenger hunts
Friday on July 20 to 24, July 27 to throughout the Red Brick and
31, and August 10 to 14 for ages five hopefully the weather is nice so we
blind view to 10 year olds. The camps are can be outdoors a lot too," said
actually full but I am taking names
window on a waiting list, as things do come second year at the University Of
Richelle has just completed her
up and changes do happen,” said
fashions Jesse. Alberta doing her Education Degree.
She is halfway done and is looking
“In the mornings we start off with
doing a craft, I have a bunch of crafts forward to this summer to spend
April 27 planed. In the afternoons we always some time working at the Red Brick.
have a snack provided for the kids,
every 3 weeks after that

May 18

June 8

June 29 Blind View

July 20 Window Fashions Richelle Jesse is a new summer student at the Red Brick. She is looking
forward to spending time with kids over the summer in the Blast from the
August 10 Custom Window Treatments Past Summer Camp, as well as many other events happening throughout
the summer months. photo Deanna Mitchener
since 1988
August 31 HIV West Yellowhead

September 21 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember Teacher Mrs. Donna Gunderson and parent helper Miranda Morden with a
group of Carrot Creek Playschool students on June 19.
October 12 encourages regular testing

November 2 by Deanna Mitchener considered to be at risk whether or not you have
HIV within one or two
are not tested and
June 27 was
November 23 National HIV testing therefore diagnosed late weeks. Test results are
confidential so they are
in the progression of the
day, like many Albertans
not shared with anyone
December 14 you may not think you disease. Testing can help outside the health
you live a longer
need to be tested and
profession. The medical
have never given it a h e a l t h i e r l i f e b y o ff i c e r o f h e a l t h
accessing treatments
second thought. and supports. Knowing authority and Alberta
P r e v e n t i o n a n d your HIV status can help Health and Wellness are
education coordinator, you take care of yourself notified of positive test
Courtenay Davidson and loved ones and give results," said Davidson.
w i t h H I V W e s t you confidence to make HIV West Yellowhead
Yellowhead, said "The decisions about your encourages everyone to
Public Health Agency of health," said Courtenay. live healthier and safer
Canada recommends "It is your choice to lives by getting tested.
that consideration of have an HIV test and you Community Health
HIV testing be included must ask for one or give Services offers free and
in periodic routine care. consent to be tested. The confidential testing for
As of May 12, 2014 standard test is a simple HIV and sexually
B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a blood test that tells you transmitted infections.
Substitute teacher Mrs. Maureen Gilbert with a group of students on June 19 at became the first region
the Niton Central School. Back row are Evan Troute-Petersen, Amy Jones, Jace to provide guidelines for
Doucet, Brayden Smith, Anna Jones, Tailyn Davis, Madalyn Ruggles, Hanna healthcare providers to
Dickson, and Cameron Coady. Front row areAiden DeLeeuw, Ethan Muldoon, encourage HIV testing BANNISTERGM.COMANNISTERGM.COM
Aiden Johnston, Rylan Davis, and Scarlett Davis. as part of regular testing Sizzling Summer Savings
Sizzling Summer Savings
not used yet
for all adults. The new @ BANNISTER GM
HIV testing guidelines
r e c o m m e n d t h a t 2014 BUICK Fulham school students Briar Polak, Dakoto Dickson and David Vintila Rebeca Nereida Melendez Ortiz and Ana Rebeca Banuelos Melendez (4)
practitioners offer an EXL, AWD FULL LOAD, LEATHER, LOW KMWD FULL LOAD, LEATHER, LOW KM enjoying some of the lunch break activities the school has to offer. enjoy some time at the Edson Public Library on June 23.
WAS 49,999
Water Play! HIV test routinely every NOW 38,499 A14-361
five years for all patients
Young children are drawn to aged 18 to 70 years."
water, they're curious about it "The guidelines were 5 oz. Boneless Beef
and it is a universally appealing announced province-
play material with endless wide as part of the
possibilities. Children learn by success of the Stop Top Sirloin Steaks
playing in the water, cause and HIV/AIDS program
effect while pouring water from one container to another, watching toys piloted in Vancouver $15.99 for a pkg of 4
$15.99 for a pkg of 4
float or sink. Water play is a combination of learning and enjoyment. over the last five years,"
All you need is something to hold water, it can be a pail or long plastic tub said Courtenay.
it doesn't need to be fancy. A couple of toys or plastic containers for "Currently in Alberta
pouring and the kids will take it from there. Get down beside your child the only people routinely
and ask questions or talk with them while they explore and play, they will tested for HIV are
learn better vocabulary and have a better understanding of the world pregnant women. This
around them. practice has virtually
Sale ends July 19, 2015
Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes out to everyone involved eliminated transmission Sale ends July 19, 2015
with Rotary Sundays in the Park. A great way to spend time with family, of HIV from mother to Linda Osipow stands with some fresh cherries at the first Niton Public
friends and the kids, it is even free thanks to the many sponsors and child in Canada. Often Market of the year on June 20. Linda said, "We are pleased to have a full
volunteers. Visit our facebook page - Early Childhood Matters i n d i v i d u a l s n o t Address: #101, 330 45 St, Phone:(780) 712-4272 house for vendors, and many coming out to shop the market. Saturday June
The annual Father’s Day Farmers’ Market filled up fast at 10:30 a.m. as 27 the market will be held in the new Peers Multi-Plex and then we are
Tamara Hayne was helping some customers. holding them every Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. in Niton until Oct. 31.
Photos Deanna Mitchener
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